Anne passed away on November 13, 2019. In her commitment of 67 years to her husband John, together they built a successful farm business while raising a family of four in Woodrow, Saskatchewan. Her farming mastery produced an abundant harvest of which she served to those she loved. She used her exceptional culinary skills to prepare special meals for wonderful family dinners, special events and holidays. Specialty dishes such as strudel and kinipfla were cherished by all and her cinnamon buns and bread were unmatched.

Anne had an amazing variety of skills including: clothing design, sewing, drapery, quilting, knitting, crocheting, rug weaving, sculpting, and painting. She enjoyed downhill skiing and was an excellent golfer. In her commitment to education, she finished school with her children, completed a business course in Saskatoon and worked at the prestigious University of Calgary. Thirsting for culture, her travels took her to over 37 Countries worldwide, sharing her love and blessings along the way.

Anne is survived by her children Karen Lautermilch and David Carpenter (Oregon), Lori Lautermilch (British Columbia) and one son, Doug and Pearl Lautermilch (Alberta). She has four grandchildren, Jeremy Klein (son of Brenda Lautermilch) and Erika Norberg; Jonathan Lautermilch (son of Doug and Pearl) and Chantal (Alberta); Janell Lautermilch (daughter of Doug and Pearl) and Simon Rocheleau (Saskatchewan); Ben Lautermilch (son of Doug and Pearl) and Amber Dickson (Alberta). She has two great grandchildren, Matteo and Kai Lautermilch (sons of Jonathan and Chantal).

“She will be missed by all who knew and loved her”

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  • Carolyn Fera

    Anne and John were truly amazing, warm, and welcoming people. I miss them and thank God for the opportunity of meeting them and spending time with them. I will never forget the strudel making event in their condo several years ago. Unforgettable, like them.

  • Judith A Rae

    She was a Lovely person. My thoughts and prayers are for her family and friends.

  • Vicki Sannuto

    Sorry to hear of your mother’s passing. She was a lovely woman and I’m sure is missed by all.

  • Wynn & Gordon Lautermilch

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you grieve the passing of your mom, grandmother and great grandmother. For us, she was a special Aunt and friend and we will always cherish our memories of her. She truly was a remarkable and special lady who left a great legacy of faith and friendship.

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