Our precious Dannon died last weekend. She was a free-spirit. Dannon travelled extensively, obtained a university degree from UVIC, spoke three languages, was a diligent and dedicated self-employed mortgage broker, was involved in the community and loved her family. She travelled many directions in both her professional and private life. She never married, and was part of a very small family, her parents, Linda and Bob; her brother, Ashley and her chihuahua, Twig. Dannon’s wish to live an exciting life led her down the path of sorrow when she became involved with drugs and the kind of people involved in the out of control street drug activity. She would want to increase awareness of the insidious form of emotional abuse known as Gaslighting which led to her death and encourage any women who are victims of this horrible psychological manipulation to seek help and leave their relationship immediately.

Dannon will be missed by all those who loved her. We will cherish the 42 years we had with you and will miss you forever our sweet Boog! Private service will be held at a later date. Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Jonathan Van Culin

    I was briefly engaged to Dannon back in 2014. I was told of her passing by a close Friend yesterday. We hadn’t chatted in a few months. I was aware of problems, I guess I didn’t understand the scope of her situation. Had I known I would have tried to help her in anyway I could My sympathies to you.

  • JJ

    A beautiful soul like Dannon’s will live forever. Her message of domestic abuse will hopefully speak to so many, even from beyond. She touched so many lives. Condolences to the family who I never had the pleasure of meeting, but I still felt like I knew with Dannon’s love and storytelling. She loved you so much.

  • Rob Telford

    Dear Bob, Linda and Ashley
    I am so sad to hear the terrible news of Dannon’s passing. I am at a loss for words but please know I am thinking of you all.
    It has been many years since we’ve been in touch but I have thought of you often.

    Bob Linda Ashley and Dannon I wish you peace.

  • John and Heather Chapman

    To our very dear Robert and Linda ……..Hard to believe that we have been joined at the hip for over 50 years. The years have given us many happy memories and certainly some sad ones we shared but nothing can come close to what we are feeling for you now Please realise that you didn’t miss something that you could have changed for Dannon. You have been amazing parents and friends to both Dannon and Ashley. We remember them running through the fields at the ranch 30 years ago and being so excited to find puff balls which we cooked the next day……sweet simple memories for us to cherish. The tough part is not being able to hold on to each of you because of the virus but one day this will happen and our profound grief will maybe ease a bit just to hold on to all of you. You are all in our hearts and prayers – hold on tight to each other. Ashley stay strong and we can only hope to see all of you sooner than later. We love all of you very much. Mouse you are in my heart forever. Love John and Heather

  • Joe Renforth

    My wife and I had met Dannon and a friend of hers at the Hilton in Cancun Mexico about a dozen years ago. She would refer to us as her Indianapolis friends.

    We had a great time laughing and enjoying each others company. We would touch base from time to time on Facebook. We are so sorry to hear of her passing. We extend our thoughts and prayers and condolences to her family.

    The Renforth’s

  • Laura Menzies

    Bob,Linda and Ashley,
    I was so shocked and saddened to hear of Dannon’s passing. I worked with Dannon at Vancity. She was so full of life, always showing up with a beautiful smile ready to take on the day. You always knew when Dannon was in the branch! RIP Dannon. My heart breaks for you, knowing what you were going thru.
    My thoughts go out to you Dannon and your family.

  • Bev

    I was a coworker from Vancity and a friend of Dannon’s.
    Dannon always made me laugh and she had such a beautiful spirit.
    I’m sure there is nothing I can say to make the family feel better but I wanted to thank you for being so candid about Dannon’s life. I know that it will make a difference in a lot of other lives.

  • Lisa Dricos

    I am so saddened to hear about my dear childhood friend Dannon. Jill (Hardy) and I heard about the devastating news together and spent the night reminiscing about Dannon and all the fun we had over the years.I first met Dannon when she moved to Kilmer Elementary from Waterloo, Ontario. She joined our Grade 4 class and we instantly became friends. We continued our friendship all the way through Junior high school and spent almost every day together as we were part of a strong and large friend group. We had so many fun and wonderful memories…some that I remember so clearly: playing arcade and pinball machines in your basement as young kids, camping out in your backyard in Grade 6, going to the Grade 7 dances at Hyde Creek, having Melrose Place TV watching nights in your theatre in your house on Warwick, suntanning on your deck and swimming in my pool, walking around the streets of Poco just having laughs and fun, going to Vegas with your family…and the list goes on. Sadly, we drifted apart as we became adults, but the few messages sent back and forth through facebook meant a lot to me. The last message Dannon sent to me was that she “loved seeing my pictures of my family and that she is glad that I am so happy.” This is who Dannon was…caring, smart, kind and just a really great person. I am so upset to hear about the path she was on…and wish that things had happened differently for my friend. Mr. and Mrs. Herr and Ashley, my family and I are sending you so much LOVE and STRENGTH as you mourn the loss of Dannon.

    Dannon you will be forever remembered with a smile…until we meet again.

  • Dale Nelson

    Bob, Linda and Ashley: I am so sorry to hear of your loss. I met Ashley through my son, who shared this tribute to Dannon. Although our paths have never crossed, I wanted to thank you for the heartfelt message you wrote. I hope that it touches someone that needs to hear the message and helps them get out of a terrible situation. It sounds like she was an accomplished, lovely woman. She will be missed. Love, Dale

  • George & Maureen Anderson

    Bob, Linda and Ashley,
    Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • Filice Family

    Dear Linda and Bob, Our family mourns with you. Please know we send our thoughts and love to you all.

  • Heather Fox

    I am so sorry to hear of the tragic news about Dannon. We were best friends for many years in Elementary and Jr. High School and I have so many amazing memories that I will always hold dear. Sending love and strength to her family and friends. Heaven has gained another angel all too soon. ❤️ Rest In Peace Dannon.

  • Judith Stuart

    Although I did not know your daughter I wish to convey my grief for the sadness, loss of a loved one and senselessness of it all. My son recently died of an opiate overdose and really there is no understanding among the street community for the harm and destruction that they do.

    Wrap your arms around each other pray for the Creator to protect your loving daughter and hold the memory of her safe in your hearts.

  • Lots Sander

    Dear all family and loved ones. Dannon and I were very close, but sadly the relationship had fallen apart. But does not mean I never cared. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of this bright, young and vigilant person, but may she Rest In Peace now.

  • Sean

    Oh Dannon, my heart hurts. I remember the good times and your laugh. It was infectious. You had a way of making anyone feel welcome and important. Thank you for the good times and sorry we drifted apart. To your family, I am so sorry for your loss. Dannon was a loving and caring ‘one of a kind’ person who will be missed.

  • Kim and Tony

    Bob, Linda and Ashley

    There are no words that can lift the heaviness weighing on your hearts at this time. Tony and I are holding you in our hearts and thoughts. We were shocked and saddened by the news of Dannon’s passing. She deserved so much more !

    I loved Ma Petit Dannon like a sister and have so many memories of our shenanigans. Vegas birthday, Mexico, Happy Tuesday wine nights, Survivor nights at Karlees, Clothing exchanges and my initiation to watermelon wearing Saskatchewan fans.
    Bob, thanks for always getting us home safe !

    My love and concern over the years felt like judgement. Judgement that came from my own fear. A fear of a life that I too was at risk of living and going down a path I had been down before. For that I am so so sorry.

    This song by Sarah McLachlan resonates and I feel it’s a reflection of how I know I felt at my lowest.

    Heaven bend to take my hand
    And lead me through the fire
    Be the long awaited answer
    To a long and painful fight
    Truth be told I’ve tried my best
    But somewhere along the way
    I got caught up in all there was to offer
    And the cost was so much more than I could bear

    We all begin with good intent
    Love was raw and young
    We believed that we could change ourselves
    The past could be undone
    But we carry on our backs the burden
    Time always reveals
    In the lonely light of morning
    In the wound that would not heal
    It’s the bitter taste of losing everything
    That I’ve known

    Heaven bend to take my hand
    Nowhere left to turn
    I’m lost to those I thought were friends
    To everyone I know
    Oh they turn their heads embarassed
    Pretend that they don’t see
    But it’s one missed step
    One slip before you know it
    And there doesn’t seem a way to be redeemed

    Love and Light to you.

    Kim and Tony

  • Sherry and Jim Christian

    Bob, Linda and Ashley,

    Our hearts break for all of you on the loss of Dannon. She was a beautiful, smart, full of spunk women! You All remain constantly in our thoughts and prayers.

    Love Sherry and Jim

  • Liza Baker

    Bob, Linda, Ashley

    I am so very sorry to hear of Dannon’s passing. There are no words to express the grief and sorrow. Just know that I am holding you in my thoughts and prayers. I wish Dannon peace.

    Much love Liza, Will & Bella

  • Sherrill Cairns

    It causes me great sadness to hear not only of Dannon’s passing but also of the pain & trauma she has faced in her personal life, We were great friends in middle school and even though we drifted apart eventually I have such great memories from our times together. She was kind, caring, outgoing & always smiling. I want to send my deepest condolences to her family. It’s impossible to understand the grief they are feeling right now and I hope they are surrounded by those who bring them strength. Dannon, you will be remembered fondly and missed by many. I hope you are now at peace.

  • Helen & Buddy Yaremko

    Dear Bob, Linda and Ashley.. Our condolences to you on the passing of your beautiful daughter and sister. We are so sorry to hear about Dannon. Our thoughts are with you, sending hugs and love Buddy & Helen

  • Leanne LaRochelle

    Dear Bob, Linda and Ash, words can’t express how sorry I am to hear about Dannon. She was a dear friend and I am heartbroken that I won’t hear her bubbly voice or see her beautiful smiling face again. She has left us way to soon, she has left me with many great memories. I only wish she could have seen what we all saw in her!! I love you and you will be forever in my heart!

  • Trina Caudle

    I am so sorry to hear of such sad news, we worked together in Saskatoon at RBC, I also got to know Ashley as well..thinking of your whole family at this devastating time.

  • Sonya Grewal

    I am so sorry and saddened by the loss of Dannon leaving us . I worked with her at Vancity in Victoria . She was so full of energy , so caring and sweet . May God rest her in peace.

  • Marybeth Van Es

    Marybeth Van Es

    I am so heart broken to hear Dannon is no longer with us…. She was an exceptionally lovely lady and I am so glad she was someone I got to know…. I cannot imagine how hard this is right now for you, words are not enough during this inconsolable time…. My deepest condolences to you…

  • Greg Bird

    Words cannot express the how deeply sorry Kristine and I are hearing about Dannon. Our deepest sympathy for your loss, and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your entire family. May your beautiful memories of Dannon sustain and bring comfort to you during this difficult time.

    Greg & Kristine Bird

  • Laura Woodward (Routledge)

    I am so sorry to hear about Dannon. I will always remember our friendship in elementary school and listening to Motley Crue with her. Big hugs to her family and dog.

  • Michael Jonas

    Dear Bob and Linda

    Margaret and I were so shocked and saddened to learn of your loss. Our hearts go out to you and we will pray for you during this time to try and ease your burden.

    We are thinking of you.

    Mike and Margaret

  • David Pagni

    Bob, Linda, Ashley, please know Kathleen and I are thinking of you.

  • Zoe

    I was one of Dannon’s roommates at SFU before she went to UVic. It was a privilege to get to know her and I have great memories of her I will never forget. I ran into her just a few years ago and it was clear to me that even as she struggled with addiction … she was still so sweet, smart and kind. Rest in peace Dannon. You are loved.

  • Darren Galbraith

    Uncle Bob, Auntie Linda and Ashley, we are sending our sincere sympathies to you all! So sorry for your loss, may she rest in peace.

    Love, Darren & Marilyn

  • arlene chambers

    so saddened by this news. Dannon had a huge heart and would do anything to help others. So many memories I will cherish. Prayers to her family.

  • Ryan johnson

    Gone way to early. I was Ashley’s friend growing up in high school. I remember the Herr family as a tv type family. That every child would love to be apart of. I’m very sorry for your loss. She touched my life briefly and I will never forget that.

  • Terri Cairns

    David & Terri
    So very sorry to hear the news about Dannon.
    She was always full of energy & seemed to have
    a lot of friends in school. I can’t imagine how
    sad tv& lost this must make you & Bob & Ashley
    Feel. Sending our condolences & hugs.

  • Karlee Kochan

    Bob, Linda and Ashley words cannot express how much I will miss my dear friend and send you my deepest condolences. I am here if you ever need to talk or some company. D, the hours we spent on floor beds watching tv, drinking a cool beverage laughing and talking about life. We solved many world problems over many great meals. The amazing and fun trips we took together always catching “vacationitis” spending money like we were rich. You always lit up the room with your smile and could make everyone open up to you with your warm heart and questions. I learned so much from you and with you. I will miss my hugging buddy, my Sunday Funday buddy, my travelling buddy. I know you are looking at us from above as the Angel you are. I love you to the moon and back. Karlita Montita.

  • Alex Frohlich

    Dear Bob, Linda, Ash, and Twiggy, my thoughts and prayers are with you in this time of loss and sadness. May Dannon rest in peace, and your hearts begin to heal.

    All the love.


  • Joanne Cross

    I am sad to learn of Dannon’s passing. I knew her during her time in Saskatoon. She always had a smile. Sincere condolences to the family!

  • Candace Hrycan

    I had the pleasure of working with Dannon at HSBC and RBC. I feel so lucky to have experienced her kind heart, caring nature and outgoing personality. I am so sorry to hear she has passed. Thinking of your family during this time.

  • Bev Norman

    Linda, Bob and Ashley, there are few words to rest your hearts on at this moment and to adequately express the deepest sorrow for your loss of Dannon. Please know our arms are wrapped around you from afar with love and caring.
    Love Bev

  • Melanie Munro

    Thinking of you Linda, Bob, and Ashley. Dannon had a huge heart and I will never forget her kindness. Love you ❤️

  • Darren welsh

    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Dannon. I had the honor if calling Dannon a good friend during her time in Saskatoon. I’ll miss the wooden spoon singing, our momager, and spending time. We drifted apart when she returned to Victoria. My condolences to Linda, Bob and Ashley – I’m here if you guys need anything.

    Darren welsh

  • Wendy Dann

    Dear Bob & Linda and Ashley,
    I’m so sorry for your tragic loss. Dannon was like a beautiful bright shooting star. I’m honoured to have been touched by her amazing capacity for infectious joy, and her beautiful kind heart.

  • Crystal

    My heart hurts for Dannon and for you Herr family. I’m so incredibly sorry for your loss. The whole world lost a shooting star when Dannon left, burning so brightly but not for long enough. I have many memories of fun times and lots of laughs with Dannon – she was always a whirlwind of energy – up for anything, but she also had a caring and tender heart. I wish now that we hadn’t lost touch and let time and lifestyles draw us apart. I’m saddened to hear that she was the victim of psychological abuse as well – she deserved so much better. I like to hope that when a tragedy like this takes someone so young and vibrant with so much potential, that there’s some kind of greater purpose we may not fully understand. Thank you for being so open with the details of her challenges – I hope this loss will wake people up and motivate those who need to to make changes that just may save their lives- and the rest of us can be grateful that her light shined on us for a brief time. Much love and support.

  • Gayle Oliver

    Dear Bob,Linda and Ashley,
    I am so shocked and saddened by the news of Dannon’s passing. I worked with Dannon for a number of years at Vancity and considered her a friend. She always had such a bright smile for everyone and an endless amount of energy.
    My heart breaks for you.

  • Bev Galbraith

    Our deepest sympathies. rest in peace Boog. Love from Arnold and Bev

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