Erwin was born on July 22, 1938 in Grande Prairie, Alberta, passed away on November 22, 2019 at home in North Saanich, BC.

Raised on a farm west of Grande Prairie, Erwin left home to work in the oil and gas industry, where he spent his entire professional career working across BC, Alberta, the US, and the Middle East. After several years working in Yemen, Erwin transitioned into semi-retirement, settling on an acreage in Central Saanich, where he further developed his passion for gardening and spent many days cultivating and planting. Woodworking, learning to cook new cuisines, and smoking the Christmas turkey were also favourite pastimes of his.

Erwin loved nothing more than being surrounded by his family. He relished in sharing new experiences with them, whether it was enjoying the outdoors on a fishing trip, watching a baseball game, travelling, or having a full house to entertain at home. A great storyteller, Erwin loved to share memories of growing up on the farm, and of his great many adventures abroad.

He will always be remembered for his generosity, kindness, and great love and pride in his family.

He is survived by his wife Laurie; children Allan (Carolyn), Rebecca (Colin), Graham, and Amira (Martin); grandchildren, Julie, Justeen, Carson, Thomas and Joshua; and sisters, Meriel Andersen and Florence Dorscheid and numerous nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by many family pets whom he adored and leaves behind his beloved Labrador, Penny.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the BC Lung Association, the Alzheimer Society of BC, or a charity of your choice.

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  • Marilyn Vrooman-Robertson

    Dear Laurie and family
    My condolences to each of you on the loss of Erwin.
    I had the pleasure of getting know Erwin through his work with TransGlobe Energy.
    I enjoyed his larger than life commitment to everything he did. Erwin was always quick with a story. He lived a large life that touched so many.
    Erwin spoke of each of you with such love and so much pride.
    My husband and I visited with Erwin and Laurie at their home a few years back. Despite physical challenges, he was a gracious host who entertained us with stories abound. It was such a fun afternoon.
    I hope that warm memories will bring you comfort during this difficult time.
    Erwin, rest in peace.
    Marilyn Vrooman-Robertson

  • Sheila Gagnon

    Rebecca, Colin, Thomas, Josh, and the Noyes family.

    Truly sorry to hear of the loss of Erwin, you are all in our thoughts.

    Love Richard, Sheila, Alex, Nick, and Stephie Gagnon

  • Gary Townsend and Maureen Newman

    Dear Laurie and Family,
    We are sad to hear that Erwin has passed away. We got to know him after Graham and Amira had been born and you were living in the Central Saanich house. Erwin took on the challenge of T-ball coach and I was his assistant.
    We did this for two seasons and had a lot of fun and many laughs over the challenges of introducing our kids and others to the intricacies of baseball including which way to run around the bases (right to left, not left to right!). He was always a gentleman with lots of stories and his on again, off again retirement. He had great love for his family and spoke with such affection of you all. We are thinking of you all.

    Our heartfelt condolences,
    Gary Townsend, Maureen Newman, Katey and Carley

  • Maurice Dowhaniuk

    I am truly sorry to hear of the passing of Erwin Noyes. Erwin was my first boss, to a young technologist from Ontario with no appreciation for the oil and gas industry. Erwin made me feel accepted and promoted my career in Gas Operations and then into Facilities Engineering and Construction. Erwin was a champion of the entrepreneurial spirit. He gave everyone that worked for him just enough rope to hang themselves but also provided guidance and support when you needed it.

    I have many memories that have stuck with me of Erwin from driving to the field on one of his whirlwind tours just before Christmas to encourage the field staff under his operations. We would drive like mad from one facility to another in crazy winter conditions so he could wish those working for him a happy Holiday Season. I particularly remember racing to the field one year and arriving in Drayton Valley to wake up the next morning to two flat tires on his company vehicle. The cords were sticking out of the side walls of the tires and he arranged to get 4 new tires installed then we took off in a blaze of glory to the next field site. Dashing here and there was his way, no time like the present and we were off again, arriving back in Calgary after 3 of 4 harrowing days at midnight on December 24th in time for our family on Christmas.

    He was very generous with his time and made sure you were allowed to succeed in all aspects of your career. Under Erwin’s guidance we developed into the Facilities Engineering Department and Gas Operations group for Canada Cities Service. My first project was assisting in project management of a large gas compressor at the Paddle River gas plant. Many other projects were completed across Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC. Our group grew in size and we became very adaptable, cost conscious, loyal and respectful of this privilege we were given. We loved every minute of our dynamic group and celebrated our successes with dinner or lunch at the Silver Inn having Peking Chinese food. Erwin in his usual way would come up with an excuse to have us pay for the meal and expense it later for his approval. He would also say “By the way, get me a pack of cigarettes” which we knew was coming and laughed at the predicability of it.

    Erwin then went on to become our first in country manager in Yemen and what a good choice for our company. He had a way of making everyone enjoy being with and around him. His coy smile and charm was a great memory and I can see him doing it now. He had such a varied career with Cities Service and Canadian Oxy that no one could rival his experience and personality.

    I wish to acknowledge his children Allan and Rebecca as well as Graham and Amira. Be ever so grateful to have had such a caring and genuine father. I also want to thank Laurie and wish her the best for the future. I still think of her dad James and how was a great friend and mentor to me. Erwin we will miss you and god speed to wherever you may be heading, I look forward to seeing you in another world, God Bless.

    Maurice Dowhaniuk

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