It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Mother and wife, Katrina (Kaye) Hoffman on Dec 12th, 2021. Katrina died peacefully at Victoria Hospice. Her husband Klaus Hoffman, son Greg Youell, daughter Lorea Chilton daughter, and cat “Missy” and many wonderful Caregivers were regularly by her side, caring for her during her lengthy illness with Alzheimer’s disease.

Katrina was born, Oct 8th, 1932, Katrina Lastiwka, in Smoky Lake, Alberta. First born to loving Ukrainian parents, Mary Weklych and Wasyl (William) Lastiwka, of Kahwin Alberta. Katrina’s beloved sisters were the late, Victoria Kowaluk (Walter) and the late, Pauline Reed (Peter). After Katrina’s father died suddenly when she was 11 years old, her mother Mary, re-married in 1950 to Andrew George Nikolaychuk. Katrina was blessed to enjoy a third sister, Christine June, Nikolaychuk(Bigler) born in 1955.
After Katrina’s father Bill died, she needed to give up school in grade 10, so she could help support her Mother Mary (Maria) in raising her two younger sisters, Vicki and Polly. Katrina was very artistically talented and intelligent. She took a bookkeeping course as she was very good with figures and math. She worked at a store in Edmonton, Alberta to help support her own family as a girl and teenager.

Katrina, at age 18, met her first husband Gerry Youell, a Petroleum Engineer, at a dance at the Rainbow Ballroom, when she was living in Edmonton. Two years later, in 1952, they were married and later were blessed with two children, Greg and Lorea.

Katrina was an amazing creative sewer and a fabulous cook. She was a very quiet, shy, and beautiful woman inside and out, whose smile was filled with light and she radiated love and Joy. Katrina created so much with loving perfection and a professional polish. She used her artistic skills to create amazing clothes, drapes, art, gorgeous, fragrant blossoming rock gardens, and flower arrangements. Her skills were so very helpful as a wife and mother assisting with a growing family in Alberta. In the 1960’s Katrina regularly ordered the “Elegance” magazine which offered fabric swatches. Katrina would order fabric and make gorgeous dresses and ensembles for herself and her family. She designed her own patterns and beautifully sewed her sister Polly’s hand-beaded wedding gown as well as Lorea’s figure skating and bridesmaid dresses. Her cooking and precise baking were amazing and many times she was asked to start cooking classes for those who were blessed to eat her meal.

When Katrina parted ways from her husband Gerry, in 1973, she went back to school and eventually achieved a Fine Arts Degree from the University of Alberta, with a focus in linguistics. She learned Spanish and German with wishes to become an interpreter.
Katrina married Klaus Hoffman in 1976, an Architectural designer who worked in Edmonton. Katrina managed the bookkeeping for Klaus’ space planning and graphic design offices in Toronto and Edmonton. Eventually, Katrina and Klaus retired and moved to Parksville, Vancouver Island, and then to North Saanich, BC, where she and Klaus built their present beautiful home. Katrina’s children moved to be close by and Katrina enjoyed many years of life, engaged in activities with her family, sisters, and dear friends. Katrina enjoyed travel, with her family. Seeing the world and learning about various cultures and people, created so many meaningful memorable experiences for Katrina and contributed much to her life.

Good friends John Cawood, Jan Padding, Richard Di Castri, Wolf Wilbert(Ellen), Jan Petersen d.(Anna) d., Raymond Yong (Florence) d., Marg Forster d.(Charlie) d., brought joy and laughter to her life.

Katrina had a special deep love for her cats and dogs. Her darling Cat “Missy” was with her at the end of her life, and very often would lie on her lap in the evening and cuddle. Missy was her very best nurse as they would fall asleep, in love with each other.

Katrina was a deeply spiritual person. She loved life and wanted her family and friends and Caregivers to know how loved and appreciated they were. Even though Katrina lost her ability to speak, a result of Alzheimer’s disease, she was able to express, “I love you!” A phrase she often voiced with intent, even up until her last hours.

Katrina was predeceased by loving Grandparents, Parents, many Aunts, Uncles and Cousins, including Ollie Cumella, Victor Serediak (Helen), Lawrence Serediak (Elsie), brother-in-law, Mike Bigler, and brothers, sisters-in-law, Len Youell (Alice), Bill Youell (Marion) and Jimmy Youell, from her first marriage to Gerry.

Many thanks to Katrina’s wonderful beloved supportive childhood cousins from Alberta: Pauline Mudry (Serediak) and Olga Zukiwski, Louise Radomsky, and Eugene Serediak (Joyce). Katrina loved her family immensely, and these people formed her most important relationships throughout her life.
Katrina’s nieces and nephews’ presence brought her great joy! A huge thank you for your thoughtful kindness to Kim Allard, as well as, Todd and Emi Kowaluk, Gregg Reed, Cindy (Scott) Makway, Karen Harrison (Glen d.), Linda Youell, Beth (Lebsack) Youell, David Youell (Lorill) & Larry Youell (Cindy). Many thanks to Robyn Youell,(Jimmy d.) for your visits, continuing love and support over the years.

Thank you to Katrina’s amazing Caregivers, who consistently supported Katrina and Klaus, Lorea and Greg with invaluable skilled loving care, for Katrina. Agnes, Janette, Al, Cathy P, Cathy C, Joanne, Faith, Matt, Angelika, Roberta, Lutgarda, Katherine, Deizable, & Marilyn.

Also, many thanks, for any loving support given to Katrina by her Care Team, the physicians, CNL’s, RN’s LPN’s, Careaids, OT Erin, Rehab & Rec assistants, Social Workers and volunteers at “The Summit” LTC facility. Amazing caring Physio’s: Jen, Alysha & Ryan.

Many thanks go to Katrina’s caring community physicians: Thank you to Dr.M.Bater, Dr.Rob Sealey, Dr.R.Reid, Dr’s J &S. Houston, Dr.K.Clarke, Dr.Pewarchuk, Dr’s. Massel & Desplantie, & Leather, all who assisted her greatly in keeping her in good health over the years.

Thank you to the wonderful ER physicians, & staff at SPH & RJH Hospitals. Hospitalist physicians, Dr.Ham & Dr.Leishman. All 4N RJH staff and the very helpful compassionate Victoria Hospice Palliative care team: Physicians, Dr. Wiens, & Dr. Gustavson-Vickers, RN’s, Caitlin, Terry, Caroline W., Bernice, Caroline M., Finn, LPN’s Shirley, Sandy, Teresa. HCA’s Caelie & Greg and all unit clerks and volunteers. Thank you so much, to Hospice Counsellors: Debra, Brid and Heather, who lifted and comforted our souls with love.

Many thanks to Father George Tolias, Ypapanti Greek Orthodox Church, who lovingly completed prayers and blessings for Katrina and family, at her bedside, on Dec 11th, 2021 and Dec 15th, 2021 in church & prior to her interment at Royal Oak Burial Park, in Victoria BC.
In lieu of flowers: Please direct any donations to Victoria Hospice,
Or to Father George Tolias of Ypapanti Greek Orthodox Church. Please mail to V & VIGS, 4648 Elk Lake Drive, Victoria BC.V8Z 5M1 OR Email:

The Light of Jesus, surrounds us,
The Love of the Divine Mother and Father enfolds us,
The Power of the Holy Spirit protects us,
The Presence of God watches over us,
Wherever we are, God is!


If tears could build a stairway,

  And memories a lane,

I’d walk right up to heaven and

  Bring you home again.         Author:  Karen White

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  • Michelle Larsen

    Sincerest condolences from the family of Borge Larsen.

  • Sandy Jones

    This is a beautiful celebratory tribute to your mom and your beautiful family. Love and gratitude are so evident in the life she lived which was rich with creative gifts, and rewarded deep and expansive living. Lorea it is wonderful and inspiring to read this tribute. Though I met your mom only once last year on a seawall walk in Sidney, her loving spirit was boundlessly evident. May you, Gregg and Klaus, be surrounded always by the love and memories you shared.

  • John Clinton CAWOOD

    To Kaye, kind, generous, gentle friend: a precious part of me goes with you, while a precious part of you remains with me. Where Life has loved, love remains while memory lasts.

  • Anne Lavery

    I knew Katrina through my friendship with Lorea. Sometimes when visiting Lorea, I would go upstairs and visit with Katrina. I remember Katrina as a kind, gracious and beautiful woman whom I enjoyed talking to.
    Dear Lorea, Greg and Klaus,
    It is a pleasure to read this tribute to Katrina – mother and wife! Now I know so much more about her. May she always be with you, loving and helping you, only in a different way,


  • Patricia Manns

    This is an informative and thoughtful eulogy for a lovely woman. My sincere condolences to the family.

  • Richard Di Castri

    Love and blessings to this beautiful family, and especially to you Kay – in your ongoing. You have enriched my life over the years with such warmth and depth. You are an inspiration – gracious kind and wise. I treasure so many memories of time with you, Klaus, Lorea and Greg. You are always closer than breathing.

  • Simone Narasa

    Lorea you have captured the true essence of your mother’s being and spirit. I still remember the cake and visit I had with her years ago. Her quiet elegance defined her and you have the best parts of her forever and always. My condolences are only words, but I hope in time you will find peace knowing your Mom is in a better place.

  • Janette Kelly

    This is a wonderful loving testimony to a truly remarkable lady; a life well lived with a legacy that will continue for many years to come.
    Sincere condolences to Lorea, Greg, Klaus and the whole family. Thank you for allowing us to share a small part in Katrina’s life. May your memories of her inspire you to be your best as you move forward, with all the love in your hearts that she placed there.

  • Sue McCoy

    Dear Lorea, Gregg, & Kraus.
    Beautiful tribute to your mom, wife and friend to many.
    Her life was rich with love, adventure & spirit.
    Kindest Regards,
    Sue McCoy

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