My story begins 25 November 1929, in Drumheller Alberta. I will confess that, rather than studies, my interests centered around music and motorcycles. My job at the theatre plus summer work on the farm, provided funds for my motorcycles, which then led to an interest in aircraft. After a brief learning experience hoping to fly in the navy, I won my RCAF pilots wings in 1951.

My good fortune at this phase in my life was meeting Joan, the love of my life. Over the years she managed my difficult work environment while raising our wonderful children, Shawna (Eric) and Richard (Alicia).

She was able to cope with the difficulties of military life, from our regular moves to my absences while on courses. After 70 years, I still love her.

I feel lucky to have experienced a flying career that involved 5000 hours and some 15 different types of aircraft, culminating with 7 years on the CF-104 “Starfighter” and a tour in Europe where our family traveled extensively. I retired from the RCAF in 1975 at my request.

During the last 4 years in the military, I worked diligently and managed to qualify for a UBC diploma Appraisal in 1976. This led to a career in Real Estate Appraisal. In 1986, I was appointed a Notary Public for the province of BC. For some 25 years, our homes were filled with Golden Retrievers which we worked toward qualifying in obedience and field training.

We enjoyed traveling in our motorhome with our dogs or on river cruises.

I feel I have enjoyed a truly wonderful life.

‘SWITCHES OFF’ Oct 31st 2022

Stu is survived by his children and their spouses, cherished grandchildren and great grandchildren, his sister, Eva, and nieces and nephews and his wife, Joan.

Thank you to Dr. Berhoozi for looking after him for many years.  The last 6 months of his life he received such loving care at 3B Veterans Memorial Lodge, and we will be forever grateful to the staff and all involved in his care.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens


  • Noel Funge Major (Ret.) RCAF

    My most sincere condolences to Stu’s Family for your loss. I met Stu during his flying duties at No.1 Wing Marville in 1964-65, and was impressed with him as an officer and a friend. He was extremely kind to me as I undertook a difficult task and I will never forget his warmth and
    encouragement. Even though I knew him for only a short period, I will always remember him as the finest example of an RCAF officer.

  • Vicki Logan

    So very sad to hear of Stu’s passing as I read the papers today. He was a very accomplished man, for a time a neighbour, and for many years, a good friend to my parents, Pat and Joe. What a long and full life well lived! Really, who could ask for more?
    Sincerely, Vicki

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