Born in Vancouver, BC, Margaret passed away in her 93rd year preceded by her brothers, Hugh, William, Robert and George and her husband, Clifford Rolfe in 2010.  Marg loved her nieces and nephews and family, in Vancouver, Jean Honig, Janet Ling, Mike Smith, in Australia, Jaye Smith, Bob Smith, in Victoria, John Ozard (Dianne) who were like a son and daughter to her, Jerome Ozard, Joel Ozard, and Julie Smart. Margaret was schooled at Gilmore and Burnaby North and moved to Victoria where she worked for the BC Government for many years.  Marg was married in 1969 to her best friend, Cliff and although they were never blessed with children, they had two furry friends which they spoiled rotten (Shebia and Tia). These kids ran the household. Marg was very quiet till she knew you, then watch out!  She was brought up very old schooled (they were one of the last people in Victoria to procure a VCR), a tad stubborn and very generous (they were life members of the SPCA). Marg enjoyed boating in their Chris-Craft, playing the organ, doing word puzzles, gardening, cruising the malls, walks (she never did get around to getting her driver’s licence) and anything sweet. She enjoyed the various cruises and trips to Scotland, Germany, Mexico, Hawaii and Australia.

The family also wishes to thank her Care Workers, Doctors and Nurses at Ross Place and Sidney Care Home and her Personal Caregivers (Val, Debbie) who kept her and them laughing, keeping up with her new hairstyles and manicures, and her bedside drawer could always be found with a stash of her chocolates. Her friendship with her roommate, Joan brought out a cheekiness in both of them, as they ended up being joined at the hip cruising the hall’s daily getting into mischief.

A Celebration of Life and Reception will be held in the Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens, 4665 Falaise Drive in Victoria at 10:00 am on Monday, January 14, 2019. Please view our link:

Flowers are declined and donations may be given to the SPCA or a charity of your choice.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens


A special Smith was born –— On October 26, 1925

An addition to Hugh, Will, Bob — and later George made five

Her Dad, Hugh Irvine immigrated to Australia— Then came to BC

And settled in Vancouver with wife Jenny, to raise their family


In those days there were no credit cards — Everything was bought with cash

People saved and used everything — There was hardly any trash

Hugh built a small shack on Willington — Temporary accommodation built with pride

It took 12 years to finish the new house — It even had toilets inside!


Her dad was a school janitor — Her mom worked nights, and days at home

Believe it or not the Smith’s were — First in her area to get a phone

Growing up it was helping with meals — for her brothers and the odd school lad

Marg had no interest in boys — So at night it was walks with her dad


It was then off to Victoria, Good Acre Towers — Was her residence for years

The pool out front was a source — Of lots of yelling and cheers

There was a special guy — You could always see her with

Cliff Rolfe was smitten — By the beautiful Margaret Smith


Marg loved boating on Cliff’s Chris Craft — The Elfor C

That was C Rolfe spelt backwards — You see

Trips to Friday Harbour with our gals — Was the place to go

Even a younger Malcolm — After a few US Beers needed a tow


Cliff knew that there was something — Missing in his life

And he pursued Margaret Smith — And she finally became his wife

They lived and looked after my grandfather — For a few years

Then off to Gordon Head with no yard plants — Because of the deer’s


Marg loved cats and the Shebia and Tia where the best

Life members of the SPCA — Their donations helped the rest

These cats would always win — And they would always loose

One even liked the new litter box — A pair of Cliff’s shoes!


Marg loved to play the organ — Their Broadmead house had a few

They entertained club members — On an occasion or two

The residents had many silk carpets — With great eye appeal

Because we would frequent the auctions — And always got a DEAL


After Cliff passed away — It was off to a place called Ross

For about 4 years — She was her own boss

No cooking, cleaning — So lots of time for a rest

Movies, daytrips — But the chocolate desserts were the best


In her final years — It was off to Sidney Care

Joan, neighbour of Dianne’s parents — Was her roommate there

They were joined at the hip — Going everywhere with their walkers

Both loved the young male care aides — I think that they were stalkers


Marg was blessed to have — Many people and family care

Val was very attentive — With walks, nails and hair

Debbie was like a deputy — shooting banter from the Lip

Marg was the sheriff ready with comments — and would just let it rip


Many thanks to Sidney Care — Family, nurses, and caregivers here

It was consoling to family members — When the time was near

Her closest family and care workers — Were there the previous day

But she waited for a quiet moment —To control the moment she slipped away


My Aunt was thoughtful, generous, and gracious — with a great loving smile

She is now with Cliff, her brothers, family — in her long last mile

Our thoughts go out to all, especially those with hearts on the mend

Thank you for being our Aunt — And especially our friend


John and Dianne Ozard


  • Jaye Smith
    January 13, 2019

    Very sad and shocked that my beautiful Aunty Margaret has passed away. Thought you would make it to 100. You did so much with me as a child and I am richer for it. I will never forget your love and support over the years. All the outings and holidays you took us on (me, my brother Robert and sister Heather) will always be remembered because I have so many photos of the fun we had. Distance didn’t change the way I felt about Aunty Margaret, after my family moved back to Australia in 1961. I was able to visit you and spend time with you on two occasions when I traveled to Canada in 1977 and again in 1994. You had visited us in Australia in 1991 and what a trip that was for you. You found Australia very strange and, at times dangerous which we found amusing. I was able to take you to different places and and was very happy to show you around our local area. You were missing your wonderful Cliff – he was one in a million for sure. I will always remember the wonderful holiday Skye and I had with you and Uncle Cliff in 1994. We had such a wonderful time it was so difficult to leave you. You had us laughing at your jokes and you were always full of fun. I have dozens of photos of our good times which I will always treasure. I am sad I will never see you again in this lifetime and I will never forget you. With love Jaye….till we meet again….

  • Lynne & Dave Gregory
    January 10, 2019

    Margaret, this is not good bye, it is “until we meet again”. Although we did not see that much of you, we did on occasion venture down to Victoria and visit with you and your “children” which we got quite a kick out of. Whether it was Cliff, or Margaret, the Christmas card from the C/M Ozard’s was always our first every year! Our Condolences to the family, and remember to always keep the good memories close to your hearts. Margaret and Cliff, you are together again… In fond memory of both of you! Love Lynne, Dave and Family.

  • jerome ozard
    January 10, 2019

    Condolence to all family and friends ant Marg
    xo Jerome Ozard

  • Susanne Hopkinson (nee Smith)
    January 9, 2019

    Very sad to hear of Aunt Margaret’s passing. One of her brothers , William (my father), left BC when I was young so I never got to know my aunt very well . I would have loved to have known her better as she sounded like quite a character and I am sure will be much missed by those who loved her and spent time with her during her long life .

  • Jean Honig (Smith)
    January 9, 2019

    Dearest Aunty Marg , Your sudden departure, was a shock , and we know your next journey , will be a happy one , back with your beloved Cliff , whom is waiting for you ! So many fond memories we will keep tucked in our hearts forever! You had a long and Wonderful Life .. Until we meet again , We love you and miss you already .. Love Jean and Ron and Danielle and Craig and Erin .. xoxo

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