Nadine died peacefully in Victoria B.C. after surviving brain cancer for almost a decade. She is survived by her sister Nicolle Callahan, brother Kevin McDonald, dad Rob Robertson and her cat Levi.

Nadine had an unparalleled zest for adventure and a laugh that was thankfully passed down to her niece, Ava. She taught us that all the best things in life are beyond the “do not enter” signs and that it’s ok if you colour outside of the lines.

Nadine had many accompaniments in life, but if she were here today she would say that’s not what matters anyway. Do the thing that scares you, let the small things slide and eat the chocolate cake.

A celebration of life will be held on Zoom on September 27 at 2:00 pm. Please email for more info.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

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  • Levis(cat),Chia(dog) & Brian

    Rest in Peace Nadine,we miss you dearly and like Elephants,that you adored so much,we will never forget the unconditional love and kindness,that you showed us every single day we were together.

    Love You 4 Ever
    Levis Chia & Brian ☮️
    (cat) (dog)

    Nadine’s Chosen Family

  • Anita and Bill Bowers

    Nadine, you certainly will be missed. I know I never felt I got to spend enough time with you through out our lives. I loved when you walked into a room, you just shone wherever it was! Always the brightest smiles and laughs, you made heads turn! You were always game to do whatever! Very spontaneous and that was awesome and always with the biggest heart! I couldn’t believe you made squares ( your specialty) and mailed them to me, than check that we got them!
    Now whenever I see my red wing blackbirds fly in I think of you happy and free! This bird is so much like you, stands out, sticks up for her selves and beautiful! That’s you! One day we’ll fly into one another and think up something fun to do! Until than, I love you and memories will live on
    Auntie Anita and Bill

  • Gail Wallace

    I offer my sincerest condolences. Nadine was a force of life. Everyone in Nadine’s space was affected by her laughter energy and sheer joy. We will miss her and only try to live a life she might endorse. A very special niece.

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