She walks in beauty, like the night

Of cloudless climes and starry skies;

And all that’s best of dark and bright

Meet in her aspect and her eyes.

So might Lord Byron have written of Barbara Chase. She was born in Beverly, Massachusetts, daughter and only child of Frederick and Gertrude Chase. She grew up in Topsfield, a small village north of Boston.  Barbara was not only beautiful: she was also clever. She did a BA and an MA at Boston University, and a Ph.D. in Medieval Literature at the University of Ottawa. It was there that she met her husband of 43 years, Terrence (Terry) Keough. She taught English and American Literature and History of Art throughout her career at Heritage College in Hull (Gatineau), Quebec, where she was hugely popular with her students, teaching colleagues, and other personnel. To know her was to love her. By choice, she had no children. Barbara died of cancer in Victoria, which had been her home since she retired in 1993. She is survived by her husband and various relatives in Massachusetts and here in BC. Respecting her request, there will be no service. Interment will be in Royal Oak Burial Park, where she will await a continuation of the companionship of her husband. Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Jewel blake

    Fun conversation with Barbara’s sorority daughter Diane Hubbard Flanders today about BU memories. I am as Barbara’s sorority grandmother

    If you’re ever on the East coast, Terry, we’ll go visit Diane and share more fun memories…

    So sorry to hear about Barbara ❤️We’ll keep her in our
    dreams! Comfort and prayers from jewel bland blake m, Mashpee, MA

  • Nicole Bordeleau

    So sorry to hear the passing of Barbara.I have fond memory of her and her great sense of humour.The students loved and respected her.She would light up a room with her bright comments and unique way of communicating her thoughts. Always enjoyed talking to her.
    My sincere condoleance to you Terry .

    Nicole Bordeleau

  • Lyle

    Barbara was such a kind woman. She helped me very much when I first started at Heritage College. She had vision, charm and wit. My condolences to Terry and family.

  • Claude Chénier

    Dear Terry­. I was deeply saddened to read of the passing away of our dear Barbara. You know how much I appreciated the two of you. We did share a lot during our working years together and even outside the work environment. I fondly remember my visit to you in Victoria. It was such a pleasure to spend time with both of you. Barbara will be remembered by so many students and members of the personnel. She touched their mind and their soul. I want to express my deepest condolences to you and to Barbara’s family. Do take good care of yourself and stay safe. My best regards Terry.
    Claude Chénier

  • Tony Picard

    I can still picture her sitting front and center with both hands wrapped around a large mug of warm tea in her “ready position”. She had this look on her face……..I always wondered what she was thinking. I think it was something like, lets see what I can do with these young minds today! We always had such great conversations and participation from everyone. Such a master of the craft!
    My deepest condolences to Terry and family.

    Namaste, T.

  • Celina Fleury-Gow

    My deepest sympathies to you, Terry. I remember her fondly despite having only been at the College four years before she retired. May you find comfort in knowing she also touched a young woman in Student Services who admired how she held herself and for how well she treated others.

  • John Grimes

    I have been at a loss for words since Barbara’s passing. It has only been about ten years since we first connected, despite the fact that my mother, Katherine, and Barbara were first cousins. They grew up not far from each other, but were separated just enough by age to have missed each other on their respective paths.

    I met Barbara as a result of a genealogical puzzle. Our common ancestor was a fellow named Charles W. Fitzgerald, whose origins I could never pin down. Having exhausted all the written records, I tried to approach the problem through DNA, by triangulating the results of tests from my mother, her cousin Mimi, and Barbara. But I didn’t know where Barbara was living. After much Google sleuthing, I found Terry’s book My Green Age online, which led me to Victoria, which led me to a phone number. It is a little hard to imagine now, but in the heat of my genealogical zeal, I ‘cold called’ Barbara to ask her for a DNA sample, hoping that she might have some recollection of a relative named John Grimes. What is even more remarkable, in retrospect, is that I somehow made it past Terry’s call screening (mine must have seemed like a prank call at first), and that Barbara graciously agreed to take part in my research.

    Years have elapsed since then, and alas, there have been no genealogical breakthroughs concerning the mystery ancestor (yet). But the immensely greater discovery was Barbara and Terry. Nataley and I have since enjoyed many wonderful visits, exchanges of emails, and phone calls. Two summers ago, my mother – who lives outside Boston – accompanied us on a visit to Victoria. The cousins had not laid eyes on each other since the funeral of my mother’s brother in the late 1950s. It was a lovely reunion, which we all hoped would be the first of more visits.

    It is too hard now to think of Barbara in the past tense, or to accept that having so recently found her that we have lost her again. We are immensely grateful to have had the time with her that we did. She was a truly remarkable person, and her absence will profoundly affect us. For me, and for my mother, and for Nataley, finding Barbara was the discovery of a treasure. But as it turns out, now and then in life, finding one treasure leads to another, and so Barbara gave us Terry. As Tennyson wrote, “Though much is taken, much abides.” Thank you, Barbara, and Godspeed.

  • Tim Fairbairn

    I am so sad to hear of Barbara’s sudden passing. She was a person of great intelligence, charm and integrity. She cared deeply for her colleagues and friends and students. All of us were inspired and guided by her. She loved to laugh and brought a lot of joy to all those fortunate to know and work with her.

  • Nora Brown

    I took Barbara’s History of Art class at Cegep in Hull back in the late 70s and I’ve never forgotten her. I’m very sorry to hear of her passing but am happy that I was fortunate enough to spend that one short year in her presence.
    My condolences to Terry, and to Barbara’s family.

  • Tonia Rushall & John Stonehouse

    Please accept our sincere condolences. Barbara’s passing is still hard to believe, after almost three decades of knowing her.
    We will miss our alternating lunches, the Victoria Symphony, and the Phoenix Theatre. In particular, Tonia will miss those long phone calls as a substitute for visiting during Covid.
    There was never a dull moment when Barbara was around.
    We will miss her presence in our lives.
    Much love from Tonia Rushall and John Stonehouse

  • Jane Douglas

    There is a hole in the world. Barbara was such a bright being in every sense.It was such a delight to have daily chats with her at the college in the old days. Her energy and enthusiasm for the students and the subjects she taught showed how she valued both.
    She was also a most supportive (and fun!)friend. I will miss our decades-long exchange of handwritten notes.
    Deep condolences to Terry and family.
    Jane Douglas

  • Denise Marquis

    Denise Marquis

    I will remember Barbara for all the beautiful things she loved such as books and art and all the lovely birds and flowers in her Victoria garden. She loved her home with its white picket fence and her cat Blackie. She took pleasure in corresponding with friends and in celebrating holidays. She enjoyed decorating her Christmas tree with ornaments of birds. She loved Terry and the life they led. In her last e-mail she remembered the beautiful autumns in Ottawa……”the colours of the trees and the bright, clear light.”
    Barbara loved much and was much loved.
    Rest in peace, Denise

  • John Minhinnick

    John Minhinnick
    Very sad to hear of Barbara’s death. I remember her vividly and the many happy hours sharing office space and attending meetings of one kind or another with her at Heritage. She was unfailingly cheerful, helpful, competent and fair. She added much to the lives of all of us at the College.
    Condolences to Terry.

  • Mostafa Faghfoury

    In 1983 I was interviewed by her for a part-time teaching job for two philosophy courses at Heritage College in old Hull campus. Her gentle and calm smile was a welcoming sign to make a nervous Iranian student from Ottawa university at ease. Her room that she shared with Terry and Gene next to a office I was sharing with Bill next door guaranteed me that I would not be deprived of her beautiful smiles until we moved to a new building. Memories of her life will and should comfort Terry and fill her physical absence in his life.

  • Lon Noel

    Lon & Patti Noel

    We have fond memories of our trip to Victoria and will always remember Barbara as a wonderful and interesting hostess and person- warm, intelligent and delightful to visit with.
    Our best to you Terry.

  • Linda Sanborn

    To my friend of 50 years: Ave atque vale. Our friendship was one of the great, overarching and enriching events in my life.

  • Al Pollock

    We are very sad to hear about Barbara’s passing. She was a most accomplished and intelligent woman. Mara, our daughter, was very much influenced by her. She took her first degree in Art History because of Barbara’s inspired teaching. To Terry and family our condolences. Al & Caroline Pollock

  • Jan Van de Vyvere

    Jan Van de Vyvere

    Barbara was brilliant. She was humane, intelligent and joyous. When I was with her, I felt special, not because I am, but because she was. I enjoyed her company, valued her opinion and will miss her very much.
    I send my condolences to her family, especially Terry.

  • Deb Forbes

    Barbara was a beautiful person, as well as witty and wise, honest and caring. I always admired her. When I think of Barbara, it puts a smile on my face.

    Virtual, heartfelt hugs to you Terry.

  • Zoë

    When last we saw each other, she was so vibrant. It will always be Terry & Barbara. I have fond memories of you both and wish you peace in this time of loss.

  • Barb

    Terry, so sorry to hear this. Terry, be strong like her, I’m sure it will be hard. You guys were the best neighbors, friends, and godparents to 2 of our children. Goodbye Barbara.

  • Thor Frohn-Nielsen

    She never allowed her formidable intellect to supersede her warmth and humanity—but nor would she let me get away with saying stupid things. Thank you, Barbara, for the hours of good conversation and company over the years.

  • Anne Marie Laurin


    I’m so very sorry to hear of Barbara’s passing. As you know, you both played a significant role in my life when I needed that support most. I honestly don’t know where I would have ended up without both of you. I always knew I could count on you for sage advice and guidance. Having benefitted so much from your kindness, I’ve made a point of trying to help others in the same way.

    Barbara was a great role model for young women: brilliant, funny, kind and fair. She was also a wonderful teacher (as were you). I will miss her kindness and generosity of spirit. Thinking of you during this difficult time.

    Anne Marie Laurin

  • Julie Moulton

    Didn’t really know her, but I remember going to Aunt Gertudes house and meeting her. She was a very nice person. Sorry for your lose.

  • joy hennen

    I am sorry for your loss colleen, I still remember going to visit when we were in Ottawa for the union.

  • Lynne Gunavardhana


    I am so sorry to hear your news about Barbara. She looked a lovely lady and obviously made you very happy. Cancer is such a bastard. My thought are with you. So so sorry.

    Lynne xx

  • Kate Sellar

    Barbara was big part of my life as a young person starting university far from home in Beautiful BC. Like my own mom, Barbara was a confident and accomplished woman (so it was no surprise to me that they were long-time friends). She inspired me to study hard, enjoy the campus experience, and try to get better at Jeopardy (it takes a strong sense of self worth to watch Jeopardy with someone as clever and well-educated as Barbara). She looked out for me like I was one of her own — I crashed in the flat downstairs, she fed me up at Thanksgiving, she let me store mountains of my junk in her basement in the summers, and she kept me up on Victoria politics and neighbourhood gossip. I can still see Barbara waving to me from the porch of her home with Terry, wearing a cozy sweater and telling me to be sure to email. She always signed her emails “Much love, Barbara” and I loved Barbara right back. My condolences to her whole family, and especially to Terry — I love you too.

  • Laurence Eldredge

    Farewell, Barbara. Rest easy, wherever you may be. Larry

  • Jeff

    Barbara was a wonderful person who made the world a much better place. My thoughts are with Terry and family.

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