While no one wants to consider the inevitable, pre-planning the details of your cremation or burial is one of the most thoughtful things you can do for your loved ones. The responsibility of making many difficult decisions during an already stressful time is alleviated with careful consideration and advance planning. It also offers the assurance and peace of mind that your wishes are known and will be carried out.

During our lives we plan for many situations; education, having a family, vacations, weddings and especially our retirement. However, many neglect to plan their end of life arrangements as it is a realization of our own mortality. We purchase insurance to help us in situations that may happen, such as accidents, earthquakes, fire, floods and theft. We should also consider planning of our end of life services as it not only lets our survivors know what our wishes are, but it can also avoid financial hardship. For helpful advice, download our Funeral and Cremation Planning Guide.

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