We know first hand how difficult it is for grieving families to deal with the unfamiliar tasks that follow the death of a loved one. Our aftercare program is an extension of our care, because we have a genuine interest in those we serve... before, during, and after the services provided.

Dawn Bowden

Many families do not know what to do after the death of a loved one.  Our Aftercare Concierge, Dawn Bowden, is qualified and prepared to help.  She provides valuable hands on assistance for many of the tasks that executors and survivors must deal with when settling an estate. Such tasks include; applications for death and survivor benefits, insurance and pension claims, bank account updates and cancellations, title transfers, and cancellation notifications. She also provides in depth checklists and guidelines designed to help executors make appropriate notifications in a timely manner.

McCall Gardens also understands that everyone is affected by bereavement differently. For those who are in need of bereavement counselling or further support, Dawn has a list of qualified professionals and support groups in Greater Victoria who can help. Click here for more information.

In a single, typical one-hour appointment, Dawn will provide you with detailed information and guidance which may include the following tasks:

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Below are some common questions that previous families have asked regarding our Aftercare Program:

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