For 102 years, four successive generations of the McCall family and dedicated associates have assisted families and individuals in Greater Victoria at a time of loss. Our services and options today reflect the needs of both traditional and changing times, with choices that support the unique character of your loved ones and that also support the unique ways in which you may wish to honour them.


Cremation is the choice for those who desire alternatives to traditional cemetery burials. For some it is a religious-based or cultural choice, for others simply a personal decision.

Traditional Burial

Traditional burial remains common practice, especially among families who have long established traditions and family burial sites. Burial of a deceased person can only take place on property that is designated as a cemetery by provincial statute.

Green Burial

Concern for environmental sustainability is growing. For those who choose to reduce their environmental footprint, a green burial furthers their connection to the earth.


Families also have the option of selecting entombment in a mausoleum. For this service, we work exclusively with Royal Oak Burial Park in Victoria, which has the only mausoleum facility on Vancouver Island.

Celebrations of Life

Gathering to celebrate the unique life your loved one lived is an increasingly popular choice for many families. The celebration of life can be expressed in many ways, all with intention of honouring and remembering a loved one and how they touched our lives.

Memorial Service

Memorial or funeral services are often interchangeable terms and can be either religious and formal, or non-denominational and informal in nature. These are personal decisions for you and your family to make.

Funeral Service

Traditional funeral services encompass a wide range of McCall’s services. This would typically include a service to honour your loved one as well as a procession to a graveside burial or to the crematorium to accompany the body.

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