Felicita passed away October 2, 2021 in the Crowsnest Pass Health Care Centre at the age of 97. Predeceased by her husband, Jesus (Joe) in 2005; she is survived by her son, Jose (Suzanne) Crowsnest Pass, AB, her grandsons Jay (Jill) Brisbane, Australia, Shane (Stephanie) Calgary, AB, and her great-grandchildren, Ozzy and Willow (Cohen), Brisbane, Australia.

Felicita and Jesus arrived in Canada in 1955, settling in Duncan, BC in 1957 then to Victoria, BC in 1963.  She worked as a custodian in the Student Union Building at the University of Victoria from 1967 to 1989. Felicita was known by hundreds of students during her career. Throughout her career, she formed hundreds of genuine connections with the students of the University. To many young people, she became their adopted mother, lending them a kind ear and guiding them as she would her own family. Upon her retirement, the University honoured Felicita’s commitment to its student body, naming its pub after her and gifting Felicita with an honorary degree.  Her generosity and kindness was felt by all who knew her. She loved her family, pets and her garden. She was a talented seamstress and knitted socks for everyone she knew and anyone who asked. In 2006, she moved to the Crowsnest Pass, AB to be with her son where she relaxed and continued knitting.

A Funeral Service will be held on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 2:00 PM in the Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens, 4665 Falaise Drive, Victoria, BC.  Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Ruth Hawkes

    My family (Whittaker) lived next to the Gomez family on Wallich Road (now Hillbank Road). Mrs. Gomez was so kind and friendly, even taught me to count to 10 in Spanish! I’ve never forgotten her enthusiasm and energy. She gave me a pair of castanets, and taught me how to use them. I have lately been thinking I would like to return them to her family, then saw Mrs. Gomez’s obituary.

  • Dave Secco

    I met Mrs. Gomez in 1975 when I was a twenty year old student at UVic. I worked part-time in The Sub Pub and she was one of the custodians in the Student Union Building which housed the pub. As she did for many, “Phyliss” blessed me with her motherly advice and her quirky sense of humour while we were friends for about 10 years.

    More than 20 years later, our little family of me, my wife and two kids moved into her Carnarvon Park neighbourhood. For nearly two decades, Phyliss and I picked up where we left off. I also got to know her husband “Joe” with whom I shared a love of soccer.

    Mrs. Gomez taught me alot about gardening, especially about growing food. For example, when I asked her about growing beets, she said: “Dems for da pigs!”

    When it came time for her to move to Alberta, I was her Realtor and sold her house. On the day that the deal was done, she gave me a “Lucky” beer which I’m pretty sure had been in the fridge since Joe died years before.

    As was so typical of her kind and generous nature, she left me many gifts…shop and garden tools, plants and shrubs, and even an extension ladder. To this day, I can’t go far around our house or yard without seeing reminders of Felicita Gomez.

    Rest in peace my dear. You were a beauty!
    Dave Secco

  • Miguel Soto

    To all family members, I present my sincere condolences, I had the previledge to meet and socialize with Jesus and Felicita many years ago, the most wander full ,nice and smart couple , many beautiful memories of time spent with them they are sadly miss, I’m great full to have had the opportunity to meet them in this life and hope to meet them again in an other life.

  • Marie Elena Rodriguez

    My earliest memories of Felicita was at about age 4, visiting her and Jesus with my mom and dad, Isabel and Raimundo at their Cook and Hillside house. She introduced me to my cryptonite that day, almond roca,and would always have some on hand for all my future visits. As I got older, she was not only my mom’s dear friend, but mine as well. She inspired my love of gardening, gifting me with many cuttings from her beautiful garden in Oak Bay; her passion flower plants being my favorites that make me always think of her. We could be real together, sharing good and bad moments with her and she was always there for support and comfort. I missed our visits when she moved to Alberta, but when I phoned her she was always so happy to be near her son and family and that made me happy to hear her so joyful. She was the epitomy of a life long friend,a blessing for both my mom as well as myself and she will be very missed. My regrets for not being able to attend the memorial and I offer my sincerest condolences to her son and family. She was deeply loved and will be forever remembered.

  • Elizabeth Coey

    Dear, dear Mrs. Gomez, you brought so much joy to all who had the privilege to know you. I worked at the Student Union at UVic in 1969, Mrs Gomez was a continual source of joy; whatever perceived hardship she could turn it around with a smile and helpful solution. Many a laugh we had together over cultural shock, my Scottish background and her Spanish.

    My condolences to her family and thank you so much for printing the photo with her beautiful sweet smile.

  • David C Clode

    I am unable to attend the funeral service.

  • David C Clode

    I worked with Felicita for nearly twenty years in the Student Union Building. She was hard working and dedicated to maintaining her space. We moved tons of furniture together for one set up or another. Her insistence on vacuuming the rugs before we were finished taught me a new word I use to this day. She was very patient with my hopeless attempts to learn Spanish and was incredibly funny without trying to be so. Her perspective was always unique. A warm and kindly soul who enhanced the lives of all who knew her.

  • Bernard von Schulmann

    I was one of those UVic students that got to know her in the SUB. She was the same age as my mother and aunt and was this interesting blend of their two personalities.

    She broadened my mind of how to see the world and I am a better person for having known her.

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