On August 3, 2022 Kiri passed away peacefully in her husband Eric’s loving arms at their home.  She was 64 years old.

Kiri made each day count during her 24 month journey with Glioblastoma.  Her health declined quickly in the last few days and now the struggle is over.

The love and support from all of you who helped us along the way gave both of us so much strength and encouragement to continue each day walking side by side in this emotional and physical battle.

Many thanks to all of the special people in the medical field who knew and helped guide Kiri.  A special thanks to Dr. Andrew Attwell at BC Cancer Clinic in Victoria BC and to Dr. Stefanie Green who was right beside us during the most meaningful and difficult moments of Kiri’s life.  Thank you.

Kiri Simms was a caring and highly regarded doctor in the speciality of Psychiatry and she practiced in Montreal, Quebec and Victoria, BC.

As well as her husband Eric, she will be dearly missed by her loving daughter Sarah and extended family, Robyn and Korey, Lucas and Liam, Taylor and Shannah.

Our love was pure and strong and it will continue wherever you are.  We love you Kiri.

A Celebration of Life will be held at in the Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens, 4665 Falaise Drive, Victoria, BC on Sunday September 25, 2022, at 2:00pm

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens


  • Leon Thiessen

    I opened her office door and realized it was not an office, it was a safe, loving, compassionate room that was made brighter by a lady who was more than a professional Physician. She invited me into a world of knowledge that led me to believe I was a member of a fortunate group known as a patient. She made me feel like a long lost friend. Thank you Dr. Simms for helping me through a troubled time. A true blessing on this earth. My condolences to all who loved her.

  • Kelly Sharman

    Kiri was am amazing balance of compassion, intelligence, spirit and laughter. I was fortunate enough to work alongside her for many years in our mental health system, and always appreciated her presence in the workplace, as she just made things better in so many ways. Her knowledge of substance use and neuropsychiatry was unmatched, as was her warm and genuine nature. She was a gem and will be missed by so many.

  • Bryony Corbyn


    We miss you so much.

    You welcomed us to this country. You were a supportive, kind, and inspiring mentor; to me and so many others.

    You were a great friend and we enjoyed so many memorable times with you. It was impossible to run out of conversation.

    You showed such bravery and strength. You will continue to inspire so many.

    Our thoughts are with Eric, Sarah and all your family and friends.

    There’s so much to celebrate Kiri. Your legacy lives on in so many ways. It was an honour and a privilege my friend.

    Lots of love,

    Bryony, Charlie, Rory and Nina

  • Benoit Roux

    About my very dear friend Kiri Simms.

    I met Kiri in Montreal in the mid 1990’s at a Halloween Party at my friend’s Marc. She was a resident in psychiatric medicine at McGill. Our conversation just took off rapidly, and almost immediately we became inseparable friends.

    I also became good pal with Sarah, Kiri’s daughter. Every Saturday morning, I would call at 10:30 AM to discuss with Sarah the latest episode of the cartoon Aladdin that played at 10 AM. Kiri and I often talked about her daughter Sarah, and how much I admire her strength and her great humanity. I wish her all the strengths possible through this difficult and sad period.

    Kiri and I did many things, often impulsively and without much planning. When Oliver Sachs gave a talk at McGill she invited me to met him backstage. She flew with me to San Francisco when I gave a seminar at UCSF, and during the dinner with our guest, she realized that he had grown up playing with the children of the famous psychoanalyst Bruno Bettelheim, which led to an absolutely fascinating conversation. We hiked mountains around Montreal; we biked around the l’île d’Orleans near Quebec City; we went to many concerts. We also saw many movies, often in the most unusual places. But going to a movie was not just going to see the movie—it was always followed by a far-reaching discussion of all the psychological aspects and motivations of the characters. All this, with multiple laughs and tears, emotion being always an essential part of our interactions.

    My years in the 1990’s were often full of hopes and longing, but also sometimes with disappointments and setbacks. Kiri was my most faithful friend. We supported one another, through many ups and downs. Kiri was a critically important person in my life. I owe her so much. We saw each other less frequently after she moved to Victoria, and I moved to Chicago. But we stayed in touch. I would sometimes call her to ask her opinion, especially when I had questions to ask about my children. I would always find again my old friend, as she was, kind and generous. I will always cherish these memories with Kiri, my most unique friend.

    I know how much she had found peace with Eric, a very good man. I sincerely hope that our love for Kiri will help to provide comfort and support in this very difficult time.

    Benoit Roux

  • Marilyn Ball

    Kiri will always be remembered by me as a bright light that created a lovely sparkle wherever she went!! Whether it was simply having tea with delicious French teas that she special ordered in with just one square of lovely dark chocolate, or her passion and pride in making Quince jelly from her and Eric’s own tree; Kiri found Joy in the simplest things because she recognized what it took to source and have even wonders. Her gratitude was profound in all things, which fueled her incredibly buoyant enthusiasm for Life, and inquisitive nature! Kiri loved to read, and we shared a passion for poetry. Sometimes in my work I would quote an old poet, and Kiri would take the time to call me up, and let me know that she spotted the reference, which made both of us smile! We would go to the Opera, listen to Robert Bateman give a talk, or see a ballet together… Kiri loved the Arts! Beauty fed her soul, and helped her give back so compassionately to others in her medical work. One particular memory stands out in my mind: the time that Kiri invited me to Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal, which performed at Victoria’s Royal Theatre. The dancers decided to pick volunteers out of the audience, and they picked Kiri! She went up, wearing her lovely smile and red Fluevog boots, and danced the most beautiful Tango with her host until all of the other volunteers went off stage, and soon it was just Kiri and her ballet partner!! Wow, what an experience… and she did it with such Grace and Style! This has always summed up in my mind the very core of Kiri. I will miss you my Friend, and always treasure that memory. Sending my deep Condolences to her Loving husband Eric, her beloved daughter Sarah, and all the Family. Kiri’s light will carry on in you.

  • Brian Hayward

    Kiri was a doctor to both my mum and aunt. She made a tremendous difference to their lives and to our family. My aunt who suffered from cancer most notably attributed her extra years to Kiri’s professional care. She will be missed by all those she has touched over the years. Sincere condolences to all of her family and friends. She will be missed dearly.

  • Famille Voix

    Nous garderons toujours un souvenir merveilleux des quelques journées passées ensemble lors de notre séjour à l’automne 2017, entre les ballades à Golden Rush, le Jour du souvenir à Victoria ou encore cette sympathique virée en R.-V. dans votre joli coin de pays, sans oublier ces traditionnels brunchs à l’aérodrome, devenus depuis une véritable institution lors de tout passage dans la région! Eric is was a real honor to share these moments with you and Kiri and we’ll never forget neither of you nor how supportive you have been to her until the last moments.

    Peace. Love. Friendship.

    Jérémie & Nathalie with sons Gabriel & Arthur

  • Sanjeet and Mani Pakrasi

    Sanjeet and I are very saddened to hear about Kiri’s passing and offer our deepest condolences to her family. She was a wonderful colleague and we will miss her warmth and professionalism. We wish her family the strength to bear her untimely demise.

  • Fred Voon

    Dear Kiri,

    You are missed. It was a pleasure and honor to work with you. I could trust you to bring kindness, warmth, fairness, and hope.

    I hope your smile and professionalism has been an inspiration for others as well.

  • Norma Bartlett

    It was with sadness that I heard of Joan/Kira’s passing. We shared a lot of wonderful memories at Clairlea Public School and Porter Collegiate. She was always a kind and caring person to everyone. My condolences to the family.

  • Paddy Rowland-Hyde

    Dear Eric and Sarah, Please accept my sincere sympathy, Kiri was a great souls fond friend and an absolute delight to work with. She is a great loss to the Medical profession and will be missed by all who knew her. Love and God Bless-Paddy

  • Paul Benson

    I will never forget the feeling of being inspired by Kiri, as she entertained a young nurse’s questions about psychiatry over tomato slices in our break room. Her eloquence, passion, and willingness to teach were outstanding characteristics which had a lasting impact in my life. You are and will continue to be missed.

  • Oshin Maheshwari

    I met Dr. Simms in my first year of residency in Victoria. I will always remember her as a warm, enthusiastic physician who cared deeply for her patients, and for the people she worked with. Her passion for emergency psychiatrist and addiction medicine was inspiring, and I am truly grateful for the opportunity to train with her. She will be missed by the entire department.

  • Diane Hardie

    I had the pleasure of reconnecting with Kiri and meeting her husband Eric in recent months. We were long lost cousins and thanks to cousin Janet she introduced me to Kiri in December, 2021.

    It is with great sadness that I never knew Kiri in the prime of her life.

    You will forever be in our hearts Kiri.

    Diane and Glenn Hardie

  • Janet and Peter Hutley

    I first knew Kiri as Joan Simms, her and I were cousins and spent many years playing, attending family gatherings and just having fun. As our teenage years dissipated so did our contact. I married and started a family and she immersed herself in education, Sheridan Collage, University of Toronto, McMaster University and McGill in Montreal. In our adulthood we reconnected and it was like we had never been apart. Joan’s Irish grandmother on her Fathers side had an endearing name for her as a child “Kiri”. She adopted this endearing name and was then know as Kiri for many years. Her infectious smile and excitement and love for life made her so so special. In Victoria she met her husband Eric, the love of her life, who cared for her in such a loving and compassionate way. She leaves behind her amazing Daughter Sarah, her husband Eric, his children Robin & Corey, Taylor and Shannon and grandchildren Lucas and Liam. Her cup was full and we will all miss this extraordinary woman who was taken from us but leaves us each with many wonderful memories.

  • Irène Lamarre and Pierre Duceppe

    We met Kiri through a family of good friends in Montreal many years ago. We had the pleasure of sharing happy moments with her and also had the privilege of meeting her true love, Eric. She was a unique being. So brilliant and so generous. A person we respected and loved. She would always put joy and interest in the simplest moments. It was a pleasure to be with her. We understand the sadness of your loss. We are with you.

    Irène and Pierre

  • Lynn Muller (Crocker)

    I knew Kiri as Joan. I met her in Toronto at Catacombs during the 70’s. She lived near me and got a ride to Catacombs with me periodically. She was always a happy girl with a smile on her face. I always remembered her lovely hair. I heard that she became a doctor which made sense due to her intelligence and gentleness with people. Now she’s in the presence of our Heavenly Father. We will be praying for her family.

  • Sue Wilson

    I knew Kiri as Joanie through high school. We shared some wonderful times together, but lost touch in subsequent years. She was a wonderful friend, very patient and cheerful, a real delightful friend. I am so sorry to hear of her passing, my condolences to all who loved her ❤️

  • Michelle Chequer

    I met Kiri while working as a nurse in Psych Emerg in Victoria. Immediately drawn to her warm personality, great sense of humour, amazing attitude, and her dedication to meet the unique needs of each patient she worked with. Creative, thoughtful and flexible. Such great rapport with the staff and took the time to teach every moment it was needed or asked for. She will be missed, she had a huge influence on my early nursing career.
    Thoughts and condolences to her family.

  • Laurel Potter

    Firstly, may I express my condolences to Kiri’s family. I knew Kiri (Joan) when we were in elementary school together. We were the same age, accelerated in Grade 4 together, and later attended the same high school. We also attended church together. I had the privilege of having Kiri travel overseas with my parents and I on a month long trip to Switzerland and Austria in the mid-70’s! Kiri overcame many obstacles in her youth, and used her amazing intellect to help others…she was a miracle! We reconnected a couple of years ago on FB for a short time just after she had suffered a stroke.That “reunion” was a blessing to me as I found out about her life since then.
    I feel thankful to have known her.

  • Don Gallagher

    I am grieved and saddened by the loss of Gods gift to our world. I first met Kiri(Joan)as a young teenager in 1975 in a vibrant church community. I observed her skill ….passion ,compassion ,caring for others. She was a good listener.
    As she moved through her life experiences she progressed into becoming more of who she was created to be.I can see the influence over time. Kiri made a difference for others.
    So grateful for her life.
    Grieving with Eric and Sarah and family.

  • Sheryl Beland

    I met Kiri in PES; she lit up a room with her smile. Kiri was generous, kind and had so much compassion for the patients she treated. She was always willing to teach, passionate about her profession, and always made time to answer questions.
    My deepest condolences to Eric, Sarah and her extended family. She will be sorely missed.

  • Alexis Winter

    Kiri’s passing struck me hard. I met her first when I worked as a casual nurse at Victoria Detox. Her kindness and diligence left a huge impression on me. Our paths crossed again when we worked together opening a treatment centre. We shared many laughs and tears. She was a bright light, full of energy and curiosity. I had extremely high regard for Kiri. She will be greatly missed.

  • rosy jakubowicz (nurse)

    One of the kindest, sweetest, smartest, generous docs I had the privilege of knowing and working with…taught me everything I needed to know about Addictions Management.

  • Kelly Driver

    My condolences to Eric and Sarah, and to Kiri’s extended family. Kiri was a pleasure to work with; respectful, bright, and respected.
    Outside of the clinical work, she always brought her curiosity and sense of humour. It was an honour to share some moments with her in the last months of her journey. Kiri will be missed by many.

  • Jocelyn Barr

    Kiri’s passing has brought many emotions.
    I am glad her battle is over and will hold the memories of and with her close.
    She was a guiding light for many in the feild of psychiatry – I first met her working at a clinical detox and marveled at her intelligence and relational capacity.
    She was an amazing support for many and her lessons, kindness and compassion will be carried forwards in those whose lives she influenced.

    Thank you Kiri – and to her family, compassion and love to you during and extending beyond this time of mourning.

  • Rev. James D Scorgie

    I first met Kiri in 1972, Toronto (though at that time she was known as Joan. Fifty years is a long time to remember but I do so fondly. She was a unique and most lovely person, full of laughter and fun.
    She was my first girlfriend and I her first boyfriend.
    My sincere condolences to Eric, Sarah and the family.

  • Wei-Yi Song

    I am saddened to hear Kiri’s passing. I met Kiri Ottawa review course in Ottawa in 1997. She shared a ride with me from Ottawa to Montreal. There were a lot of laughers on that journey. I was glad to see her joining our department in Victoria a few years later. We were so lucky to have her as a colleague. She was an excellent clinician, and teacher to many. She was warm, talented. You will be missed Kiri.

  • ian bradley

    There are some many great aspects of Kiri including her artistic talents, writing ability, enthusiasm for new experiences and adventures – all of which accompanied her fundamental love for Eric and Sarah. Perhaps Kiri’s enthusiasm for life might have obscured the fact that she built a formidable career all on her own. Kiri was self-financed through most of her university education most of which she spent effectively juggling the demands of single-parenthood and medical school. Her passion to learn was always tempered by an admirable critical analysis of what it was she was supposed to learn. As a psychiatrist, she combined two rare skills-warmth and critical thinking. She was a model in so many different ways- she will be missed.

  • Travis Baugh-Allen

    I worked with Kiri for many years and am so sad to hear of her passing. Kiri was a vibrant, happy, caring and intelligent leader who taught me so much about psychiatry. She had an incredible rapport with the nursing staff and was such an incredible mentor to soo many medical residents. Kiri always made time to teach and help others. She was always digging deeper to provide the best care for her patients. She made an often challenging work environment a great place to be. She will be missed by all of us.

  • Gerlinde Schörle

    Kiri, your kindness and big heart helped me out in my difficult times. I, and we all, miss you, but we are relieved that wherever you are, you don’t suffer anymore.
    My love and thoughts go out to you, Eric and your family.

  • Debbie Tims

    Truly shocked and saddened to receive the news that my cousin Kiri has passed. I am grateful that we had the chance to re-connect, after many years, when Kiri traveled to Ontario several years ago, where I was able to visit with and appreciate the amazing woman she had become and to meet her wonderful husband Eric. I am so glad that Kiri and Eric found each other. She was so deserving of the love and happiness they found together. Thank you for giving her that Eric. My forever memory of Kiri will be of the young cousin who came to supper on Sunday evenings and especially, the delightful young girl who came to spend time with me at my home on Lake Temagami. It breaks my heart that Kiri left this earth too soon but I find some comfort in knowing her struggle is over. You will be forever remembered with love. My sincerest condolences to Eric, Sarah, extended family and friends.

  • Ron Waterman

    Kiri’s sense of humour, generosity and always positive attitude was a blessing to us all. She will forever be remembered and deeply missed by all who knew her. Please accept our sincere sympathies. Love Ron&Linda

  • Saby Ramirez

    She was my mentor and a friend. Her smile and kindness will always be with me. It is sad to see you go dear Kiri and I am at the same time relieved to hear you are forever free of suffering. Sending love and strength to Eric and her family at this difficult time.

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