It is with sadness to have to announce the sudden departure of Steve from this life. A beloved son, brother, father, grandfather and great grandfather whom will be greatly missed by family and friends. Though gone too early Steve had led a full life trying his hand at most anything that caught his interest including earning a deep sea diving ticket that led to him participating in an exhibit at expo 1986 in Vancouver.
He worked in the Post Office becoming a shop steward in the Union there, also worked at the wood mill up in Ocean Falls, fished the waters around Vancouver Island and as a tradesman did most everything from roofing to flooring which he did with great energy always striving to complete a project to a craftsman like finish that he would be pleased in accomplishing.
He toiled hard at most everything as Steve only had one pace he traveled by and that was with zeal. Which he also applied to his social life where he met countless friends, acquaintances and escapades to fill a couple of lifetimes over. And in his leisure time Steve loved to watch sports, especially the Montreal Canadiens, ‘the Habs’. He was also an avid reader that took in a wide spectrum of topics including the classics and philosophies.
Steve was simply ‘larger than life’, enjoying it to the fullest with passion and with a great sense of humor. A humor that was matched by his kindness and generosity as he was always willing to help those in need. Got himself involved in the Clayquot Sound issues decades ago where his friendship and efforts were rewarded when he became an Honorary member of the First Nations tribe in Tofino.
His passion for life was underscored by his fierce loyalty to family, friends and relations. Fairness for all, where inequalities should not exist but where justice should prevail. Those were standards Steve lived by and guided his life throughout.
Though you have passed on Steve you will never be forgotten, always close to our hearts, etched lovingly there forever. Always remembering you with a smile, your laughter and love for us all. May your soul and spirit continue to bless…
Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens
  • Lisa

    You’ve been gone a year,
    But one thing’s clear,
    In my memory and my heart,
    You’ll always be near.

    Love you & miss you…

  • martin bolton

    Thinking of you Steve, especially at this time of year, where giving, generosity and love seem to make the holiday season so special. This is exactly where your spirit belongs during this time of year and puts a smile upon my face.
    God bless you brother for all you’ve done and how you’ve touched my life….

    Love Christine and Mart

  • martin Bolton

    Miss you brother, thinking of you and wanting to call you up but no can do. So I look back on the memories…. I hope your soul and spirit are restful Steve!

    Love Mart

  • Carl Bolton

    We had such tremendous fun together as children riding the elevators on the Homeric and Carmania; exploring the countryside between St. Avold and Grostenquin for WW2 souvenirs or raiding the orchards for Mirabelle plums. I can still see Steve sailing through the air when his hands slipped off the Magic Mushroom in front of B Block! Those memories and many others will forever remain in my thoughts as I reflect on what a wonderful and exciting childhood we shared.
    Steve was the kind of brother/friend one could always count on when you truly needed help and lived by “never ask for what should be freely given”. God bless you Steve and save us a seat!

  • Mike Weaver

    We are deeply saddened by the passing of Uncle Steve. There are many great memories and funny stories. Uncle Steve was truly one of a kind. He will be greatly missed. Lots of love Mikey, Michelle and Hayden

  • Betty (Bet) Bolton

    Bye-bye Stevie,

    My lovable adventuresome son. Missing your teasing.

    Love always, Mum xx

  • Chris Weaver

    I remember all the hours we spent together. They’re some of my greatest memories with you. Our long conversations, over games of Chess and Backgammon. You helped open my eyes, to the possibilities life has to offer. May the sun always shine as bright, as your presence.
    Love you Uncle Steve.

  • John Hozack

    I will always have great memories of the good times and laughter that Steve and I shared while I was living in Tofino and working at the Maquinna Sand Bar Pub.

    Steve introduced me to his sister Lisa, now my loving wife of 24 years, while I was in Tofino.
    If I had not met Steve I am sure my path in life would have been very different and not as blessed as it is now.

    You and your laughter always be in my heart.
    Rest in peace my friend, your life has touched many souls

  • Lisa Hozack

    I’ll always treasure the adventures and memories we shared in this life. Every time I hear certain songs, watch “Ancient Aliens” or the “Habs” play hockey, work in my fairy garden or visit Tofino, I’ll think of you. I don’t think you ever believed how loved you were, you were always more concerned that others knew you loved them. In case you have ANY doubt at all, as brothers go, you’re #1 in my book and I’ll guard all the private things we shared over the years deep within my heart. You’re free now of earthly concerns and the constant pain you endured, so spread your wings and soar! See you on the other side Steve.

    Love Lis xx

  • Kyla Painter

    Rest Easy Uncle Steve! Will always cherish memories of you close to my heart! You always loved us so much! Always makes me smile thinking of all the silly jokes and fun you had with us when we were kids. Love you!

  • martin bolton

    Dear brother, friend and companion in life I am going to miss you brother, your humor, smiles and advice. You will always be in my thoughts and prayers.

    Love ya Steve, God bless and rest in peace…Mart

  • Estar* McMillan

    I will be forever grateful to Steve for our Son, Lance. We were married for a very short time but in that union there have been many wonderful offspring created and whom we all love with all of our hearts.
    My heart goes out to The Bolton Clan, their respective families and the many friendships Steve created over the years.
    May your memories be lasting, bring a sense of peace and continue to fill your hearts with the joys you have shared in Steve’s lifetime. My sincere condolences to all. Rest peacefully Steve!❤️

  • Barbara Evans

    A poem by A L Frink The Rose Beyond the Wall
    I hope it brings some comfort to Steve’s family and friends

    A rose once grew where all could see,
    sheltered beside a garden wall,
    And as the days passed swiftly by,
    it spread it’s branches, straight and tall…

    One day, a beam of light shone through
    a crevice that had opened wide
    The rose bent gently toward its warmth
    then passed beyond to the other side

    Now, you who deeply feel its loss,
    be comforted – the rose blooms there-
    its beauty even greater now, nurtured by
    God’s own loving care.

    R I P Steve, from your cousin Babs across the pond xxx❤️

  • Ron Young

    Sorry to hear
    Condolences to the family

  • Pamela & Trevor Jenkins

    With much sadness we say good bye to Steve your dear cousin . And with fondest memories , his humour & kindness shown to us on our visits will live in our hearts and minds always . God Bless and Rest in Peace .

  • Angela Saikaley

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family ❤️❤️

  • Peter MacGregor

    Always thought of you. Thanks for the wonderful grandchildren Steve. You were an important part of my family. Lance was always considered part of my family. Will always remember you. Papa Pete. Your father in law.

  • Linda G

    God bless all who remain to share the stories, the photos, the memories, the love . . . .

  • Kimberlee Macgregor

    Rest easy Steve. We will always remember your love and humor when we shared all different times together.
    You were always kind to my girls(your nieces) and treated them like your own. Thank you for the good times. Peace

  • Estar* McMillan

    Steve and I shared a wonderful gift …..a son, Lance. Although we didn’t continue in a marriage we still were connected by family…..our legacy lives on in our beautiful grand children and great grandchildren. I’m forever grateful for these beautiful humans in my life and for all the bittersweet memories that Steve and I shared…
    My sincere condolences to all, Bet, Lisa, Carl and Martin, and their respective families.May you hold your memories close to your heart and may time heal your heartbreak knowing Steve had a wonder filled life…..he will be remembered, as he was loved.

  • Jennie Braun

    Till we meet again Steve. You were a true friend to all xoxo ❤️

  • Rick Belcher

    Beautiful read. What a full life. Very sorry you had to leave. May your grand adventure never end buddy.

  • Elizabeth George

    We are his family Bill and Annie George Late Steve was a long time friend of us and our family we are heartbroken to hear if his passing and he was always there for us we send you our prayers to his whole family and friends out there Brenda And Lance the rest of the family we are sorry to hear the loss we won’t ever forget you heaven just got a amazing angel

  • Cheryl Anguish

    It is not length of life, but depth of life. Ralph Waldo Emerson

    I want to send our heartfelt condolences to Brenda and the Bolton family.

  • Pauly

    Old School ! Good man

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