Born March 28, 1978, in Victoria, BC, died May 13, 2024. Adam will be unimaginably missed by his wife Kyla, and his children Henry and Dehlia; his grandma Zena Milne; his mother Eileen Torgeson (Dyne) and his father Ian Flint (Terry); his brother Matt Flint (Melissa); his in-laws Jim and Penny Doswell; and so many other close family and friends. Adam was a great partner and friend, but he was the best dad. Adam loved being in nature and found pure joy camping with his children. He was generous with his time and volunteered with many organizations in his community. Adam loved a good hobby, and he excelled in leatherwork, ensuring everyone had a gorgeous handbag or wallet. His sharp, dry sense of humour and warm heart will be greatly missed.

A celebration to honour Adam’s great life will be held in the Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens, 4665 Falaise Drive, on June 29, 2024, at 2:00 pm, and we invite all who knew and loved him to attend.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Doug Henderson

    Shocked and saddened to read about Adam’s passing. While we didn’t work directly together at Saanich, we did work on committees together and he truly was a shining light. Sincere condolences to the family, his friends and colleagues.

  • steven cassidy

    I have taken a while to write here as I have thought and thought about what to write but I am not sure any words exist that will do Adam justice. Just thinking of him now makes me smile, he got along with everyone, gentle and kind, caring and trustworthy and I am lucky to have known him, all be it for a short time and I am very lucky to be able to call him a friend. We talked about everything and nothing, we put the world to rights, shared stories of raising teenagers, traveling, his surprising inability to play badmington or basketball given his advantage. We talked about what the future would look like and how we would do our best to make the world a better place. Sadly we have all been robbed of our friend and brother but I can now say quietly in my head when I need some help, what would Adam do, when I walk the places we walked on our chats I will always think of him and that little thought already makes the world a better place.
    Until next time, rest easy my friend and miss you lots…

  • Liz and Leonard.

    We are heartbroken for Kayla, Henry and Dehlia, and family.

    Adam loved to serve everyone around him. He’s one of those people that just is constantly helping others and makes sure everyone is present and enjoying eachothers company. Evertime my family would visit his, he’d insist on doing everything…. “don’t bring anything” he’d say. And so, he would cook for everyone and take care of it all. To me, this was Adam in a nutshell. He just enjoyed taking care of everyone.

    I doubt my story is unique, as Adam had many friends and colleagues I haven’t met. I suspect they’d feel similar. I remember mentioning to Adam one day that I started mt.biking… he mentioned he had too. Then we moved on to talk about the challenges and joys of raising teens. Adam was very easy to talk with. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn how many hearts he’s touched with his kindness.

    Will miss your sharp but easy style… you always did look good in every attire you had on. Miss you brotherman. RIP.

    Leonard and fam.

  • Doug and Kelly Hollingsworth

    May we add our most sincere condolences on this sudden passing of Adam. As neighbours of Penny and Jim we hope your entire family can stay strong through this tragic event.

  • Paul Scutt

    Where do I start, the huge loss to the world, the huge sorrow I feel for the family losing a husband/father and son, or the loss of my friend. I feel sad, just knowing that one of the lights in this world was taken too soon. I am glad to have met him, glad to get to know him, and grateful he was a part of my life and touched so many others. I will remember him as the jovial kind-spirited person that laughed with us on many adventures.

    I watched Adam over many camping trips spend some of his time looking for the perfect stick. It had to be straight, and it had to be tall enough (which for him was a tall order). A stick he found after many years of searching that he carved and made his “Gandalf stick” of light to carry him through the darkness while camping. I hope he has that super straight stick of light to guide him wherever he is now. He will be missed greatly, my deepest condolences to the family.

  • Dave de Bree

    Happily camping in the dark and the rain, eating pasta with a subtle hint of bleach, watching scouts learn and struggle with knots, axes and cooking outdoors…. helping any who wanted it. Adam was a scouter who never seemed to lose his cool. He was respected by kids and scouters alike and will truly be missed. My condolences to all who will feel his loss.

  • Colleen Ferguson

    Dear Kyla, Henry and Dehlia. Sending my heartfelt condolences. My heart breaks for you. I feel blessed to have known Adam, such a kind, sincere and genuine person. He will be missed.

  • Robert Colin Newell

    Adam and I worked together on around 6 Movember campaigns. He was generous with his time and always offered creative solutions to complex problems when building fundraising teams.
    Adam was, as others observed, fashion forward and brought a quirky sense of humor and a freshness to every social encounter. I’d see him maybe 1/2 a dozen times a year and I always thought he’d be there forever… this was not to be. My heart goes out to his family. The loss to our community is incalculable. Rest easy my young friend.

  • Todd Minerson

    On behalf of all of us at Movember, I wanted to share our deepest condolences on to all those who loved Adam. Adam was a legendary Movember supporter who raised over $10,000 to support men’s health initiatives. The League of Municipal Ladies and Gentlemen in Saanich is such an incredible group of folks, and Adam was at the fore of that. Our love to Adam’s family and friends, from all of us here at Movember.
    Todd Minerson, Country Director, Movember Canada.

  • Amanda Brown

    Dear Kyla, Henry, Dehlia and family. Our hearts are with you. Kyla you spoke so fondly of Adam and the wonderful adventures you shared together with your colleagues. Your family memories are so reflective of the love you have including many camping trips on Hornby Island and snorkeling in Hawaii. We wish you to be surrounded by love and peace as well as having all the space and time you need to grieve. Love Brendan and Amanda.

  • Ben Whittome

    Dear Kyla, so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you and your kiddos are going through. Even though I never met Adam, I always sensed how close you two were.
    My sincere condolences.

  • Jackie H Powell

    Adam and I crossed paths in 2016 – he helped me with some technical issues for a society I was forming for people with struggling with a mental illness. He was so helpful and left a lasting impression on me for his kindness and understanding. His input was encouraging for me and was one of those special people in my journey to start Connections Place Society. My condolences to Adam’s loved ones, Jackie

  • Marcie McLean

    I met Adam over 10 years ago when he volunteered as a citizen representative for the Township of View Royal for appointment to the Victoria Family Court & Youth Justice Committee (VFC&YJC). Over those years he was always generous with his time and a great contributor to the Committee and its legislated required communications etc., and was our Vice-chair for the past several years. I appreciated his work and his commitment & dedication to the Committee and also his sense of fun and style. If you looked at his clothing you know what I mean. We never think we might not see a younger person again. I’m glad I had the opportunity to met and work with Adam and thank him in person over the years. To Adam’s wife, children, and other family members, I am so very sorry and saddened by your loss. Thank you for sharing Adam with us.

  • Linda & Shane Funk

    My heart breaks for you Kyla, Henry & Dehlia. Our deepest condolences. Adam always had a wave & a smile for us when we saw him. We will think of him and those smiles every time we look at the prints we got from him years ago.

  • Bill Flynn

    Sorry to hear about your son. I can still remember my dad getting a kick out of playing with Adam while Ian was building our log cabin.My thoughts are with you.

  • Andréa Coutu

    I heard the news through friends. Though I had lost touch over the years, Adam and Kyla were key figures in my early parenting life. Adam was a devoted dad who prioritized parenting. He had a gentle way to him and was warm and welcoming. He cared deeply about his family and his community and I remember the care he was taking to upgrade so that he and Kyla could provide more opportunities to his family and buy a home in Victoria. I am thinking of you all.

  • Damian Kowalewich

    I met Adam in 2017. I was so impressed by his kindness and sense of humor. We have lost one of the good guys. May the Flint family find strength in each other during this time.

  • Lisa Tinney

    Our deepest condolences to all of Adam’s family and friends. Russell and I hold you in our hearts and you wish strength and peace as you face this painful loss. Much love.

  • Allison Shumka

    To Kyla and her family,

    I never got to know Adam well but I did grow up with Kyla and her parents
    (Classic girl guide )

    I unfortunately know all too well of loosing a loved one so quickly, just
    Know that Adam will always be looking after all of you.

    Time does heal, remember the good times and remember that there are people who surround all of you with open arms and love.

    Adam will be missed by those who knew him well and those who may haven’t, but keep this in mind that no one will ever forget him.

  • Shyrl and Michael Kennedy

    No words, just incredibly heartbroken to hear of Adam’s passing. While we did not know Adam, our son Blair Desjardins and Kyla grew up together and for a time were inseparable. We spent many happy occasions with Jim and Penny and Kyla. Kyla was a wonderful girl and the light of her parents life. I know that she would have chosen a partner who was good and kind and loving and it appears from reading about Adam that he was a wonderful husband and father. Know that our hearts go out to Adam’s whole
    family and most especially to Kyla, their children and to Penny and Jim. Deepest regards, Shyrl and Michael Kennedy.

  • Mena Westhaver

    Heartbreaking to learn of Adam’s sudden death. My sincere condolences goes out to Kyla and their children and all the family and friends that were a part of Adam‘s life. I was fortunate to have met Adam through work and through his wife Kyla. He had this genuine authentic way of bringing people together and making you feel a part of something that would impact others in a positive way. I remember the year he welcomed a group of coworkers to the Movember campaign as we all taped on moustaches to our upper lip. Adam’s commitment to others was tremendous and greatly appreciated. I know we will all do our best to honour his legacy and keep his efforts going. Thank you Adam for all that you did and inspired the rest of us to do. Mena.

  • Joshua del Sol

    I cannot begin to express how profoundly saddened I am. An incredible father & friend, immensely resourceful, endless inspiring, and so so funny. Adam was a beacon of light in a dark world. For as little as his light touched me and uplifted my spirit, I can’t imagine the sense of loss that his closest loved ones feel. His goodness and generosity were rare gifts. I feel so blessed to have shared a small length of that path and to have learned. I ache to know that my heartbreak is just raindrop in the ocean when compared to those who were closer to his warmth. My deepest sympathy to Adam’s family. Our time together is so precious.

  • Wayne Pye

    So sorry to hear this news. Adam was a great guy.

  • Nan Birnie

    My deepest condolences.
    I have no words to explain how very much he will be missed.
    Worked along side of him at Saanich & he was truly a joy to work with.
    He was my favourite co-worker….so kind, thoughful & generous.
    I’m so sorry for your loss Kyla, Henry & Dehlia.

  • Tim Wood

    I offer my sincere condolences to Adam’s family. I was a colleague of Adam’s at the District of Saanich years ago and consider myself lucky to have crossed paths with him.

    I remember his determination and commitment to starting the very successful Movember campaign each year. Who could resist shelving the razor for a month for a good cause with a celebratory pint of beer to mark the end of the campaign?

    The fellowship and goodwill he single handedly generated from that event was only matched by the sizeable fundraising.

    The Adam Flint I knew genuinely cared about others and was always ready to lend a helping hand.

    My heart goes out to his family, friends, and colleagues

  • Sue-Anne Carter

    I am incredibly sad you are no longer here but we are better people for having known you. Your commitment to Movember, your unwavering support for Bike to Work Week and of course your volunteer work with your kids’ activities was unmatched. I still can’t believe you aren’t there to sarcastically needle me like a (big) little brother does (with love of course ). The world is different now… a little less bright, a little less … without you. I stopped at the duck pond bridge and made a wish that you are happy.

    To Adam’s beloved family-may you know how loved and admired your ‘Pops’ was.

    Rest in peace Jolly Green Giant… your Lil’ Sprout will miss you.

  • Daniel V

    My heartfelt condolences to Adam’s family and close friends, he was one of a kind, caring and warm hearted. I only hadnthe pleasure if knowing hime a short while, and he’s left a great memory of his genuine heart. Love and light to you all as we remember Adam.

  • Cynthia Bradley

    I met Adam in 2005, over the years he and Kyla became family to me. He was a talented craftsman and cook. Everything he created and poured his soul into, turned out beautifully. He was funny, genuine, caring and selfless. Adam was a hard worker, a dedicated family man, and an incredible Dad…even I referred to him as Pops. He put all before himself, and would always be the last one to eat the amazing meals he created. He was consistently there for me and my kids, and I love his children like my own. He’s the only person I know that could use a whole roll of paper towel while cooking a meal but fed us all with pride and enjoyment. I treasure all the moments and memories with him. I feel so grateful to have known him, he really was amazing. My deepest condolences to all who knew and loved him. He was one of my best friends and will forever be in my heart. In another life Adam. ❤️

  • Chelsey

    I am truly saddened to hear about Adam. I met him last year and he was one of the most kind hearted people I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting. His smile lit up the room! He spoke with such consideration and wisdom and of course He had the best socks and shoe collection! Deepest condolences to his family and friends. Heaven gained another great one! ♥️

  • Natalie

    Kyla, Henry, Dehlia, Zena, Eileen and Dyne, Matt.
    I have no words. My heart breaks for you. This is a very difficult journey I wish you did not have to go through. I am so, so sorry .

  • Jared Nukon

    My deepest condolences to the family, I remember meeting Adam in march 2023, he was good person, very kind hearted also very genuine. I got to know him well when I was living in Victoria, I’ll miss our coffee date. Our walks and our conversation. Rest easy friend, until we meet again – Jared Nukon

  • Lauren Van Der Haegen

    My heart goes out to you all. Although it’s been many years I had the pleasure of knowing Adam and having many fun adventures with he and Kyla in our silly youth. Fondly remembered always. Sending you all love. ❤️

  • Cathy Mastropieri

    I had the pleasure of being Adam’s friend… he was a kind friend with a witty sense of humour. I know he loved his children with all of his heart. I will treasure the leather bookmark and wallet he so graciously made for me… rest easy friend, until we meet again.

  • Jay Nowak

    My deepest condolences
    Adam will be missed very much. He was fun to be around and always smiling. I only got to know him for a short time, but he left a mark.
    He touched many hearts.

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