June 21, 1922 – August 6, 2009

The Colonel has joined his beloved RMC, PPCLI and RRegtC comrades. His wife of 61 years, Margaret (nee Cabeldu) is comforted by their children Norman, Janet, Catherine and their 7 grandchildren. He is survived by his brother, Robert and sister, Vyvyan. Many thanks to Dr. A. Nielson, Sunrise, RJH Richmond Pavilion and the Lodge at Broadmead. Although born in St. John’s, his father’s career in the Bank of Nova Scotia took them across Canada for his education at Nutana Collegiate in Saskatoon and later Saint John High School. The abbreviated 1942 RMC officer’s course sent “2761” with the PPCLI to Italy and the Netherlands. Twice wounded in action, the miraculous Basingstoke surgery held for a lifetime. After marrying Margaret in Saint John, they moved to Toronto where he graduated from Osgoode Hall in 1949 and they started a family. He practiced law with Tilley Carson but later opened his own firm in 1953 achieving Queen’s Counsel in 1960. Partner and friend, Alan Redway joined the practice in 1966. In 1947 he began a reservist career with the Royal Regiment of Canada. His years as Commanding Officer 1959-62 rebuilt the regiment. In 1981 as Hon. Col. 1974-1982 they attended the Royal Wedding. Beyond his lifelong service to the PPCI and RMC, he served Mercedes Benz, Havergal College, and the Royal Canadian Military Institute. After the Granite Club moved closer to their Bayview Wood home, Col. Frost regularly reviewed the dining room menu from his usual seat. He revisited the graves of his WWII comrades on many pilgrimages and cherished his European friendships. In his retirement years he wrote Once a Patricia (1988), A Life Worthwhile (1994) and Always a Patricia (2004). They loved playing tennis, swimming and hosting family in Long Boat Key and PEI. Striving for excellence was his lifelong pursuit as an athlete, soldier, lawyer, author or musician. He was astonished when bands played his military marches and delighted his grandchildren by composing songs.
Private burial in Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.
A Celebration of the life of Col. C. S. (Syd) Frost will be held on Saturday, October 3 at 3:00 pm at the Royal Canadian Military Institute, 426 University Ave, Toronto, ON. tel: 416-597-0286.

  • Luke Killion, Boston,Ma, USA

    I was saddened to hear of Col. Frost’s passing. Although I did not know him or his family, I wish them well in their time of grief. I have just completed his memoir “Once a Patricia” which I thought to be one of the best written yet hard to find books about WWII. He was as great a writer as he was a soldier. A rare combination. May he Rest in Peace with all the brothers of his regiment that have passed before him.

  • Cathy Rach

    please accept my deepest sympathies,, on the passing of Mr. Frost,, my father (Mel Murdy) served under him during WW2,, and spoke of him with the deepest respect. May your memories bring you comfort and happiness.

  • walter crane

    I used to teach Sydney at the Granite Club. Very, very early in the morning. I was astonished at his energy, as he was around 60 at the time. H

    Being a world war two buff, I was delighted to be entertained by some of Sydneys stories. I cannot do justice to his story about how he obtained the huge scar on his neck, but I remember it being a very compelling event.

    It was a privilege to have spent some early mornings with this great man.

  • Mark Brown

    Mrs. Frost,

    I had the privilege of knowing Col Frost when I much younger, as a subaltern in the Royals. I remember the visits to your home and the great guidance and advice he shared with me and my brother officers. I remember that advice and the fellowship that he extended to me.

    I have not forgotten him, nor will I ever.

  • Dick Veldhuizen

    I have had very pleasant contacts with Colonel Sydney Frost during many years. I too wondered why he did not send a Christmas card last year. Only this morning I found out the reason. In one of his last letters he wrote to me: “We’ll meet again in 2010.” That would be to celebrate the 65th anniversary of the liberation of the Netherlands.
    Things took a different turn and a long and rich life came to an end. My condolences to his family. May he rest in peace.

  • Bertina Jonker ham

    Warm condolences to Mrs. Frost and her family.
    We are talking about the Colonel and I said to my husband I missed one christmass card. And we are looking on the internet pages and he is passing away. I am very proud to have his books and take care of them.
    I will never forget him. God bless you, C Sydney Frost.

    Our sincere and warm thoughts to all the family.

    Bertina Ronald Rick Jonker – Ham

  • Lloyd & Olga Rains

    We are sad to loose any Pat and especially Col Frost. We enjoyed his company in Toronto and Dinner at the Granite Club.
    Our sincere and warm thoughts to all the family.
    Pte Lloyd Rains & War Bride Olga

  • Lorenzo Dragonieri

    Warm condolences to Syd Frost’s family .He was my student at Seneca College where he attended many of my Italian language courses.He was a wonderful student , bright, hard working, keen to learn as much as possible.With his thoughtful comments and wise suggestions , he made me, a grizzled veteran of classroom
    battles, a better teacher. He loved Italy ,in particular the places he traversed during the ww2 Italian campaign. He taught me a lot about the war and life in general.He was a true gentleman. I will miss him. I will never forget him. God bless you, Syd.

  • A.W.T. Gijsbers

    Dear Margaret,
    My deepest sympathy with Sydney’s passing away. I have great admiration for his activities as a soldier ansn a veteran. His books are a valuable souvenir . Ann and I will always remember his and your hospitality. We will miss him!
    Andrew and Ann Gijsbers

  • Murray (Skip) Schelter

    I have just returned home to learn from e-Veritas that Col Syd Frost had died and that I had missed a celebration of his life at the RCMI. We first met when I moved to Toronto in ’67 at the Toronto Branch RMC Club where he was President. Quick-witted, easy to smile, a gentleman and charismatic leader! It was a pleasure to know him and I missed him from our Branch Dinners when he moved to BC.
    I’m active again as a Director of the Toronto Branch (Syd would expect that). His family must know what a remarkable man he was but they can’t know all the lives he touched so positively. My deepest sympathy to the family.

  • J. R. Digger MacDougall

    Mrs. Frost, Cathy, Janet and Norm:

    My sincere condolences to you on the loss of your husband and father. Although we had not seen each other in years, I often shared recollections of my friendship with Syd to RMC Ex Cadet and military colleagues. As a junior officer I often found myself in your home, and cherish those memories.

    After completing Army Pilot training I was “marking time” as an instructor at the Royal Canadian Armoured Corps School, Camp Borden and awaiting posting to The Fort Garry Horse in Germany (mid ’60s) I was tasked to organize and supervise the escorts for the Miss Canada Pageant. After a committee meeting at the RCMI, I met, was befriended and mentored by Syd, joined the RCMI on his recommendation (actually an order) and subsequently was invited to numerous social functions by Syd.
    I enjoyed our numerous chats as our friendship grew. Because the FGH shared Battle Honours with the Royal Regiment of Canada, Syd invited me to the Regimental Birthday, luncheons and mess dinners both before and following my tour of duty in Europe and any celebrations that honoured the PPCLI or infantry. I was a singer and song leader and with Syd at the keyboard it took no effort to get the others to join in around Syd’s piano whether in his home, the mess, the RCMI or elsewhere. I watched and participated in learning life, social, military and mentorship skills taught by Syd to junior officers. (As an Officer Cadet at Royal Roads, my Squadron Commander was Syd’s brother Bob.)
    What a great time we had. What wonderful memories I have of our relationship and the warmth of his friendship. He made sure that I and all junior officers were made to feel comfortable at any event which we attended – and he opened his home to all of us, who at the time were junior officers. We shared stories of our respective Regiments and he provided substance to Canadian military history through his knowledge and personal experiences. I learned a great deal of Army and RMC history through him and was encouraged to get more involved with the Ex Cadet Club.
    His passing marks the loss of a great gentleman, Ex Cadet, officer and friend. I am grateful for having known him and for having shared some moments of his life.
    May God grant his soul eternal rest

  • Rosalee van Stelten (Auger)

    My sincere condolences to Mrs. Frost and family. I met Colonel Frost through his book, Once a Patricia. He was in the PPCLI with my Dad, Bud Auger, who was also in Scotland and the Italian campaign and mentored Syd as a young officer. I contacted Syd to learn more about Dad, who disappeared from our lives soon after the war. Syd sent warm letters and photos of their time overseas and we kept in touch at Christmases after that. He was a kind and generous man. I was especially saddened to learn that he was here in Victoria and I could have visited him at Sunrise and met him face to face. Farewell, Syd. The angels are singing.

  • Jan.H.A. Koorenhof M.S.M.

    My deepest sympathy to you mrs Frost and your family on the death of my good friend Sidney Frost. He was a liberator from Holland my home country and special home city Apeldoorn. Sidney was in 2000 the paradecommandor of “The National Liberation Parade in Apeldoorn”. Sidney makes special songs like “Goodby wonderful Holland” on his piano in Toronto for the people in Holland. I know Sidney since 1984 and visit his home in Toronto many times – Sidney was a great man a great soldier but most of all a great Friend for me
    Jan H.A. Koorenhof M.S.M. Apeldoorn Holland

  • Sunrise of VIctoria

    Mrs. Frost and family:
    We were saddened to hear the loss of your husband and father. Everyone who provided his care, all our staff, and his fellow residents that enjoyed his impromptu performances at the piano will miss his presence. We feel privileged to have known The Colonel.
    Our sincerest condolences, from The Team Members and Management of Sunrise Senior Living, Victoria

  • Theresa Kennedy

    Mrs. Frost, Cathy, Janet and Norm:

    My sincere condolences to you on the loss of your husband and father.


  • LCOL Jock mcNeil

    Regret the passing of my good friend and classmate

    2784 Jock McNeil

  • Capt Lionel Boxer CD

    As a teenager during the 1970s I knew Syd as one of the important personalities who visited Fort York Armoury. Later I discovered his influence as an RMC Ex-Cadet, RCMI Member and army reserve officer. A great man. Thank you for your service Syd.

  • Waite (Bud) Brooks

    I met Sydney only once, but remember clearly the pleasure of meeting such a fine officer and gentleman. It was at his brother Bob’s home in Broadmead, and it was through Bob — a friend for over 50 years — that I gained an understanding of Sydney’s outstanding army record and his many and varied accomplishments in the years following the war.
    I would like to extend my sympathy to the family.

  • CWO David F Lowry

    I became a Sergeant when Colonel Frost was Honorary Colonel. I still remember to this day the time he and his wife had the Officers, Warrant Officers, and Sergeants over to their house for a reception. This made me as a Sergeant feel that I was a key part of the regimental family. He was a true leader of men. My sympathy to his family on his pasting.

  • Ted Barris

    For many years now, each summer I have the pleasure of leading tours through the battlefields of Europe. Last year, I hosted a tour through Sicily and Italy. As I do frequently when we travel, that trip I passed along the perceptions, observations and reflections from interviews with Col. Frost. One memory that stands out for me, was his and the PPCLI’s departure from Scotland to who knew where. Col. Frost said, “They gave us summer clothing, so we figured we were going to North Africa … or maybe Japan!” As history tells us, Col. Frost and his comrades proved they were up for it. We owe the colonel and his generation a great deal … for giving the world a second chance. He and his kind will be missed.
    Ted Barris

  • Capt Bruce Barbeau

    HCol Frost was the man behind the Regiment. He was the embodiment of The Royal Regiment of Canada. My first two decades in the Regiment were very much the social centre of my life to a great degree because of him. With him passes an era when the Militia was both a military and a privilaged social lifestyle.

  • Ronald L. Scott, CWO, Drum Major (ret'd) RRC

    I transferred to the Royal Regiment of Canada when I arrived in Toronto and Colonel Frost was my first Commanding Officer during my many years with the Regiment.

    As Commanding Officer of the Regiment and later as Honourary Colonel, Colonel Frost will always be remembered not just for his contribution and dedication to Canada but also to those who served with him.

    The Regimental Band were honoured to accompany Colonel Frost in 1971 to Cyprus for Canada Day Celebrations and medal presentations to the PPCLI.

    Forever fond memories of Colonel Frost will continue to be with the band thanks to the military music compositions he has left us for the enjoyment of all.

    Mrs Frost, to you and your family our sincerest condolences.

  • Col Jim Kempling

    We have lost a treasured member of our Regimental family. Colonel Syd’s superb books will be a lasting treasure for all Patricias’ for years to come.

  • Blake C. Goldring

    To the Family of Col Frost,
    On behalf of The Royal Regiment of Canada, please accept our deepest condolences. While I personally never had the honour of meeting Col Frost, I have heard of his distinguished career and his many significant contributions to The Royals.
    Ready, Aye, Ready,
    Blake C. Goldring

  • Col BOB DOUGLAS Royal Regt. of Canada

    Anne & I have been friends of the Frost Family for over 60 years. Mr. & Mrs Frost senior came to most Regimental functions. Syd sr. served in Toronto with the 2nd. Btn of the Royals while Syd jr. was overseas with the PPCLI. Our kindest thoughts at this saddened time go to Margaret, Robert, Vyvyan, Norman, Janet, and Catherine. Leaders are not born but are molded over many years, Syd was not only a leader but a great mentor to me. “RIP” Col. BOB

  • LCol Grant MacDonald, Air Staff Ottawa

    I was deeply saddened to learn of Colonel Syd’s passing. As Honorary Colonel he was long an institution at Royals’ ceremonial events and mess dinners and his love of both of ‘his’ Regiments was clearly boundless. At our last meeting in 2004, he enthusiastically agreed to autograph a copy of “Always a Patricia” for my fellow Staff College students and I to present to our Course Student Leader, a Patricia himself, Malcolm Bruce. Ever the spry, ‘can-do’ officer, he declined my offer to bring it to him and drove up the hill to the College, natily-dressed in blazer and flannels. I shall treasure the memory of having known him. May he rest in peace.

  • Major (Retd) Ted Giraldeau PPCLI

    It was with great sadness that I read of Syd’s passing; but oh so proud his family must be of the life he has led and the people he has touched. I served in the Patricias from 1983 until 2006 and although we never met in person, we developed a close relationship through correspondence while I was serving as the Regimental Major (01-06). I even had the privilege of proofreading “Always a Patricia” and he wanted to give me the honour of representing him in a ceremony in Sicily (at his expense!) That was the type of great man he was. He will be missed, and although I know it will be said often in his regard, ‘Once a Patricia, Always a Patricia.’

  • Sue Williams

    My deepest sympathy to you and your family on the death of Sydney. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
    Sue Williams

  • Captain Ronald L. Duke,late The Irish Regiment of Canada

    I was saddened to learn of the departure from this life of Col. Frost. He and my former Commanding Officer, Forbes. B. West were very close collegues and their relationship was of a great benefit to both The Ïrish”and The Royal Regiment of Canada. His dedication to The Canadian Forces has and will be remembered for all time. May He Rest in Peace. Ron. Duke

  • Bill Cavanagh (Major retired)

    It was my pleasure to have served with Colonel Frost. I had the very good fortune to have been the Regimental Sergeant Major when he was the Honourary Colonel. My condolences to Mrs. Margaret Frost (the Honourary Warrent Officer of her Regiment) and to all members of the Frost family. The Colonel was a great influance to many members of the Royal Regiment of Canada and it was my honour and my pleasure to have served with him and to have known him as a great leader both in his military and civilian careers. He will be missed by all who served with him over his many years of fine military service. We will remember him.

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