It is with great sadness we announce the sudden death of our brother Dan who passed peacefully in his sleep.  Dan is predeceased by his partner Delores Marks and his parents Mike and Rita O’Brien. He leaves behind siblings Theresa (Paul), Micheal (Rhonda), Terry (Cathy), Kevin, Chris (Cathryn).

Dan was the youngest, born and raised in Victoria where he graduated from Oak Bay High in 1980. He moved to Toronto where he received a Mechanical Engineering degree graduating from University of Waterloo in 1992.  Dan returned to Victoria and started a career in millwork at O’Brien Woodworking, where he retired in 2022.

Dan loved reading and dabbling in music. But his real passion was tinkering with electronics; he was a fixer of many things. He will be sadly missed.

A reception will be held for family and friends on Monday, April 24th, 2023, at 4:00pm at the Burnside Lawn Bowling club, 274 Hampton Road, Victoria.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Paul Philip Lavallee

    Even though we all travel far away, those lifelong bonds of friendship will not be forgotten. Dan and I have been friends ever since I moved to Victoria in grade 5. Lots of adventures together, both in Victoria and when he was at the University of Waterloo (I was living in Toronto). Although some of our adventures are best left un-publicized, we do both know from personal experience that harmonica playing is not permitted in the Oak Bay Police lockup…. We will miss Dan as a friend, family member and someone always willing to help out, but the memory won’t be lost. Paul – PS The common middle name was always fun so we both often used it when referring to each other.

  • Lisa Morrow

    I met Dan when I was about 14. As a troubled (and somewhat rebellious) teenager, Dan’s friendship, the O’Brien basement and its grand gaggle of friends were the best support I could have had. This includes the magical ‘Austin repair centre’ where I learned how to dismantle and put back together an engine! Dan’s parents were always very welcoming – it felt like home. My biggest memories of that time are of Dan’s father’s voice booming from upstairs, “Dan, Dan, turn that music down” and Dan and Matt filling the room with balloons to cheer me up on a blue monday. Dan was always a close friend no matter where in the world either of us were. His kindness and caring for others is his defining characteristic for me. So sorry we won’t be making anymore memories together, but I cherish the many, many happy ones that I aleady have. Big condolences to the family.

  • Peter Haylett

    Danny was my childhood friend from elementary school on through to Oak Bay and beyond. We had many a rip roaring times in one of his Austins and too many fun and funny experiences to forget. I loved his mom and dad, and all the cheese toast they provided me while watching cartoons with Danny after school. As teens I remember all the fun parties in the McNeil Avenue basement. We delivered newspapers together on his old bicycle, sailed together, rowed dinghies over to Jimmy Chicken Island for bonfires and beers. Sort of lost contact through our 30’s and 40’s but reconnected in our 50’s and had some reminiscing. Danny was a bright light to be sure, someone always in search of fun and fun to be around. I suspect he left early in order to get the party started. See you in a while Danny. Condolences to Michael, Kevin, Terry, Chris and Theresa.

  • M Mingo

    So sorry for your loss, rest in peace.

  • MJ

    Thank you so much Papa Dan! I’ll keep my promise to you that I will be a priest after my theology! And I’ll include you always in my every mass. Glad we met you.

    Requiescat In Pace!

  • Matt and Donna Stokes

    From the first day of grade 11 at Oak Bay High and throughout the years,he was my friend. Amateur chemist (stink bomb creator – cleared out Oak Bay High), hot air balloonist (dry cleaner bags with fire starter cubes), mechanic (weekly removal, repair and reinstall of a certain Austin engine). I will miss him a lot and his “What’s up, Doc” greeting.

    With deep sorrow, Donna and I offer our condolences to your family.

  • Rich Kent

    Awful news. I also met Danny through mutual friends in the late 1970’s, and remember him as a kind, very funny guy, who will be missed by us all.

  • Scott McLean

    Very sad to learn of Danny’s passing. I met him through mutual friends after my family moved to Oak Bay, and we had many enjoyable & fun experiences together back in the ’80s & ’90s , both in Victoria and back when we were both living and working in southern Ontario. Due to distance we were not in contact much over recent years, but I have always considered him to be a really good friend.

    Very sorry for your loss.


    Condolences rest in peace ️ my darling

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