Born on December 25, 1935 in New Westminster BC, Gladys passed away in Victoria, BC on  September 20, 2022, with her son at her side.  Gladys is survived by James Ross Nicoll; her husband of 63 years, James E. Nicoll, son; Linda Nicoll, daughter-in-law; Quintin & Spencer Nicoll, grandsons; and Ken & Lorraine Goddard; brother and sister-in-law.

Apart from advancing dementia, Gladys was in very decent health for her mid 80’s. Fortunately for me, she still knew her son, her grandsons, her daughter-in law, and her husband with whom she shared a room within their care facility.

This picture was taken in early September, on my birthday, but she didn’t remember the significance of the day. I could have been upset – but I wasn’t.

It captures a moment that I will remember forever. I took her onto the balcony where she quickly started pulling the wilted flowers off each of the plants; calling out the names of each plant as she went. Her green thumb of years gone by called back into action one last time; and her knowledge of all things that grow; still very much tucked away somewhere.

Life has rolled on, and this time has taken her with it, so it has come to be that this picture will be the last picture I will have of her.

On 20 September 2022 Mum passed away – a bit sudden, a bit unexpected; but we won’t see it as too soon. I am so fortunate that seemingly unconnected circumstances allowed me to be in town, and thus available, to spend the last 24 hours of her life with her.

Purple flowers in her hand, and wearing a blue top – her two favourite colours. Standing in front of a geranium; her favourite plant. Someone must have been helping me that day – telling me to not let this moment go uncaptured.

The day after her death, as I helped Dad to process this information he stated; ‘Well – it’s just the two of us now”…. a small family of three becoming smaller.

But Mum, please don’t worry, I’ll look out for Dad and visit with him regularly until he joins you once again.

Your son,

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McCall Gardens

  • Mary Lou and Dennis Arnsdorf

    Beautifully written, Jim. Our thoughts are with you and your family.

    Mary Lou and Dennis

  • Jason

    A terrific tribute for a very kind soul.

  • Justine Nicol

    Gladys Rose Nicoll,
    A lovely gentle lady has gone to rest.
    My thoughts are with the family.
    From Anne Nicol, cousin-in- law, with love.
    Lovely words Jim, our thoughts are with you, your dad and Linda and your boys. Gladys was such a lovely kind lady may she rest in peace. Love Justine and Alfonso.

  • Jennifer Donnelly

    Beautifully written Jim. You are a sensitive, empathetic old soul and have been a son that every parent would be proud of. I’m proud of you. Love ya cousin!

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