Passed away peacefully at home with family close by. Gordon was predeceased by Annie, his wife whom he met in Glace Bay and shared a strong loving partnership in marriage for 62 years. Gordon is survived by his children, Kimberly Anne (John van Gorp), Mary Lou (David Rawlinson), George (Susan), Michelle (Charles Lynn) and Philip and grandchildren; Sarah, Peter and Katelyn, Christopher and Alex, Eric and Michael, and Samantha and Nathan.

Born and raised in Louisbourg in Cape Breton, NS, Gordon attended Mount Allison University before being called to the ministry and attending Pine Hill Divinity Hall. As a minister for the United Church of Canada, Gordon received calls that saw him offer care, hope, promise, comfort and support to many from coast to coast across Canada. After student ministry in Saskatchewan and Bermuda, Gordon began a long career in New Brunswick that then saw him taking on calls in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Lower Sackville, Edmonton and finally Victoria, BC where he and Annie retired. Aside from an endless level of patience and compassion, Gordon also developed a reputation for helping congregations with special projects that would help grow and strengthen the communities these churches supported.

Gordon, true to his heritage, was a great storyteller and was often a wee bit late to his next appointment because he had a story to share that would offer comfort, a smile or a laugh to those who needed it. Gordon will be remembered by the thousands whose hearts he touched, whose souls he succoured, whose spirits he lifted every day.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

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  • Beryl Nicholson

    I am so sorry to hear of Gordon’s passing. Some of the most heart-
    warming and pleasant events of my life were shared with Gordon and Ann and his beloved family.
    It was a joy and a privilege to work with Gordon as the organist at
    St. Andrew’s- Norwood church during his years of service there.
    My sympathy is with all the family.

  • June (Nicholson) Grimes

    I am so sorry to hear of Gordon’s passing. I knew him and Ann when they were at St. Andrews, Montreal. My family spent many happy hours in their company as my mum was church organist. I eventually returned to Ireland and married. My husband and I spent a wonderful evening with them when they visited Ireland. Gordon was a true man of God. Your wonderful memories will bring you comfort

  • Harry Moore

    With sympathy to our dear friend Gordon’s family. Gordon and Annie had a significant impact on our lives.
    Harry and Nadene

  • John A C Wilson (Rev.)

    I knew Gordon particularly when he was in Lower Sackville, NS. One particular connection is that we were both connected to Louisbourg – that is where I lived for my first year. [I was born in Glace Bay] When I showed him a booklet I had done on my Wilson family tree back in the 1980s, he gave me the name of someone to contact in South Uist, Scotland, and through him I found my father’s second cousin and that contact opened up for me the broader Wilson family tree that I am still working on. And for that I have been eternally grateful. My deepest sympathies to all of you in the loss of your father, grandfather, etc. May God be with you all

  • John Roy

    I am so blessed to have known Gordon and Ann all these years. We all met at Knox way back when and Gordon was my mentor, champion, guide toward Ministry and then colleague. I always refer to Gordon as ‘my minister’ and do so with humility and pride. I have tried to live up to and into his standard for ministry and I do hope that in some ways some of his wisdom has rubbed off.
    Praise be for a life well lived. He will continue in my heart and spirit.
    Love and blessings to all.
    Rev. John Roy

  • Kim Blinn

    I met your father around 1985 at Knox United Church, Lower Sackville. He was one of the kindest, most genuine, and gifted ministers I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I always said that his ministry was not ‘a job’ to him, it was truly who he was. His smile was contagious and the twinkle in his eyes when he told stories warmed your heart. Although I haven’t seen him in many years, he will be missed.

  • Greg Darjes

    When I was in ministry at St. Paul’s in Sidney just a few years ago Gordon was such a supportive and encouraging presence for me. Today I am reminded of his sense of humour. One Sunday he was the scripture reader. After he finished the reading he said out loud, “ Now let’s see what you can do with that one.” He took me out for lunch on my first Sunday at St. Paul’s and I truly enjoyed him as a friend and colleague. Fond memories of a gracious man will remain with me. May his memory and influence continue to bless you.

  • Don MacRae

    To Mary Lou and family, my deepest condolences. Gordon was my first minister at Knox when I started there in 1983. His wit, his messages, and his way with people
    kept me there. I remember fondly his telling of many stories, some of which may even have been true, but that didn’t matter – they often related to the subject at hand.

  • Linda, Don, Ken and Tracy Acker

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time. We often think of the times Gordon spent here in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia. When he announced that he was leaving Knox Church, I remember our daughter exclaiming “How are we going to have a church without Rev. Cain”.
    May the memories he leaves you; bring you peace.

  • Linda Hefler

    Hi MaryLou, Kim, George, Michelle, Philip and families. It has been years since Gordon was at Knox, but he and Anne made a very powerful presence and contribution to the life of our church. I became a member of Knox because of Gordon and his messages. He was a remarkable man and you are all a true testament to his life and work. May God bring you strength through this and keep him alive in your hearts and memories always. Linda

  • Ray and Sue Johnson

    Sue and I wish to offer our most sincere condolences to the Cann family. Gordon was our neighbour for many years. He was one of the kindest soft spoken men we ever met. His friendly smile and cordial laugh are warmly remembered. But he could sometimes have a mischievous twinkle in his eye, especially when he was telling one of his many stories. We always looked forward to seeing him saunter up the street for a visit and friendly chat. Gordon and his wife Anne were always welcome and made a beautiful, loving couple. Gordon remains in our thoughts and will be sorely missed. Gordon, rest In peace with Anne by your side.

  • Carol

    You are in our thoughts and prayers. We are so sorry for the loss of your dad. It’s a hard event in your lives and maybe it’s hard to feel anything but the sad parts. We sincerely pray that you will remember all the wonderful times you had together…the joy your familial relationships give you….and when you remember that happiness……you can know how much joy was experienced at the reunion of your mom and dad beyond the veil. Lots of love…take care of each other…be gentle and kind. Love you…carol

  • David Bray

    Mary Lou and family, so sorry to hear of Gordon’s passing. We have fond memories from our association with him at First Met, his smile, great sense of humour and his dedication. He will indeed be missed.

  • Marjorie & Peter Gray

    As a fellow Maritimer we were delighted to meet Gordon and Annie at Cordova Bay United Church especially when we discovered we had many mutual friends and acquaintances. We loved his stories and the messages they carried. He will be sorely missed.

  • Dawn Muise

    So sorry to hear the passing of Gordon. It is never easy to lose a love one. I met Gordon when my best friend married his son. Both he and Annie were so sweet to me. Sending my thoughts , prayers and love to George. Susan . Eric and Michael, Mary Lou , Kim and all their families , and to the other family members. I know Annie is waiting Sincere Condolences.

  • Pat and Don Farmer

    Oh those GREAT years at Knox when Gordon was our Minister, and the rest of the family were our friends (and babysitters). Anne was a model of a caring person, and caring nurse, and perfect partner for Gordon

    Remember the old manse ? Pat, Jean and others spent weeks trying to make a silk purse out of it before the Canes arrived. Wallpaper was IN then, and it covered the sins of a lot of years

    Gordon’s ability to make you feel good, and to make you laugh was exceptional. When he visited us back here in N S in recent years, he still had that ability! and it was a joy to see he and Anne occasionally

    A life well lived and a blessing to many !

    Pat and Don Farmer

  • Dave Lambie

    Your Dad was (with others) instrumental in my call to ministry. I also have many great memories of him and he taught me a lot in the years that he was at St. Andrew’s-Norwood in Saint Laurent. I still have books that he gave me when he was moving on to Edmonton. I am sorry for your loss but celebrate the great human being and great minister that he has been for so many and am glad to count myself among those people.

  • Dwight Denbrook

    Good day family,
    It is with heavy heart that I write this condolence – Philip advised me of your dad’s passing. Your mom and dad accepted me into your family simply because I was Phil’s cousin. The warmth and generosity they showed to a poor starving college student was greatly appreciated and the love they had for each other was a great inspiration. Please accept mine and Deb’s sincere condolences – mom and dad are together in Glory…

  • Brenda Munro

    My deepest condolences to your family as you mourn the loss of your dad and grandfather. Pine Hill is always interested to know when yet another of it’s Alumni have moved beyond their service on earth are reunited with their loved one’s who await their arrival in heaven. I hope you find peace through the healing power of love and memories.
    In faith,
    Brenda Munro, Pine Hill Divinity Hall, at Atlantic School of Theology

  • Rod Bredin

    Our heartfelt sympathies for Mary, Kim and family. Gordon will be missed.
    Rod and Michele

  • Mae & Nelson Poole

    So sorry to hear of Gordon’s passing.

  • Anne Pressey

    I want to say to the family that when I think of Gordon I smile. When I first met Gordon, I think at a Division of Mission meeting in Toronto, I thought he was a Newfoundlander. He cleared that up quickly. In one of my careers, I was a Real Estate agent and sold Anne and Gordon their house in Edmonton. When I think of Gordon, I do think of his storytelling. Most of all I remember Gordon and I smile. He was all that is best about the wonderful people from the Maritimes. Rest In Peace Gordon. Anne Pressey

  • Pat Hamilton (now Chaz Morenz)

    Mary Lou, Kim, and George, I have so many fond memories of your dad. Did he really drive us to junior choir every week for 6 years? He played a strong role in our childhood that I’ll never forget. Wishing you all the best, and sending love at this difficult time.

  • Roy and Sherri Wyllie

    Our thoughts and prayers are with your family Mary. So sorry to hear of Gordon’s passing. We have many great memories of Gordon and our times together with our families, especially at the old house in Cape Breton. If only the walls could talk the stories it would tell
    Xo.., lots of laughter and love was there.
    Lots of love to you all.

  • Ken & Pam Mitchell

    So sorry to hear about your dad’s passing – we have wonderful memories of youth group at Westboro UC in Ottawa – he married us in 1968 and we will always remember him admonishing Ken at the front of the church on that special day by telling him “don’t muff up your lines!” just loud enough for us to hear. Please accept our heartfelt condolences.

  • Adel & Tim Golding

    So sorry for the loss of such a kind and caring man. Thinking of you Mary-Lou, David, Christopher and Alex and the rest of the family. I always remember him with a smile when he lent a hand in a different way – scrubbing red wine out of your cream carpet after our clumsiness – and unfailing kind about that too. Lots of love to you all Xx Xx Xx

  • Shari Stoch

    MaryLou, I am so sorry to hear this. May his memory forever be a blessing to you.

  • Jeannie and George Sroka

    What an amazing man. What an incredible life. Our most sincere sympathies. Hoping that remembering the way he touched everyone he met with respect, humour and, yes, love will bring peace and joy to your hearts.

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