Living life to the fullest Manfred passed away in Thailand on February 10, 2023.

Predeceased by his wife, Florence in 2015; Manfred is survived by his daughter Sharon Wissemann

and two grandchildren Drake and Vance Saunders. He will be missed by his friends he met regularly at the Township Coffee Co., his Sunday chess club group and the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association, as well as many other friends.

Manfred and Florence married in 1960. Manfred met his wife when he was visiting London as a Petty Officer in the German Air Force, under NATO command, they were married six months later in a Christian Church in Celle, Lower Saxony, Germany.

They returned to London for three years and decided to immigrate to Victoria, BC in Canada in 1963. They worked together in business until 2003. During this period, they moved from Victoria to Coombs in 1974. In 2007 his wife was diagnosed with Mitochondria Myopathy. He stood by his wife for her 7 years of suffering until she passed. He also was a big part of his daughter and grand children’s everyday lives providing continual support, love and joy.

Manfred was a very passionate person and loved life. He started “The Leaf Club” in 2011 which evolved to the Victoria Electric Vehicle Association. He worked with government and citizens to support the installation of charging stations and spread the word on how electric vehicles are beneficial to our environment and community.

Please join the family on Saturday March 11, 2023 to honour Manfred’s life by attending the funeral service, burial, and celebration of life.The funeral service is taking place at St. Luke Anglican Church (3821 Cedar Hill Cross Rd) at 10:00 am, conducted by Reverend Daniel Fournier. Immediately following will be the Burial at Royal Oak Burial Park (4673 Falaise Dr.) and then the celebration of life at McCall Gardens (4665 Falaise Dr).

Condolences may be offered to family below.

McCall Gardens


  • Alina Felea-Motet

    Manfred, you were an inspiration on how to be growing younger with age. Adrian and I spent such great times with you and our friends at Township talking about history, politics, the present and the future. We own our EV car because of you and our trip to Thailand will always bring back memories of your joy and dancing. I feel like we learnt from you how to be better friends and how to live life to the fullest. I hope you have figured out how to use AI to beam yourself to Mars and you are setting up umbrellas at a coffee shop there, while waiting for your friends to eventually join you. So long, dear friend.

  • Paul Leblanc

    Fred was a member of the Victoria Chess Club and played regularly at the club and in tournaments. He loved the challenge and made many friends through chess. When we had the Canadian Open in Victoria in 2012, Fred mobilized the electric car club to pick up visiting players at the airport. He shared his Thailand travel experiences with some of us and we considered him a great adventurer.

  • Leo Spalteholz

    Condolences from your neighbours around the corner on San Juan ave. It was nice to chat with Manfred about solar and EVs occasionally when we saw each other.

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