(Michael) Mitch Loreth passed away September 11, 2022, at Royal Jubilee Hospice, with family present and close by. He defied almost a lifetime of liver disease; yet we are so sad to part with him this soon. He loved his family deeply and boasted about us often. Mitch was a thoughtful man, a kind soul. He was a confidant to many, and always took time to chat or reach out to those dear to him and others less fortunate. He offered compassion, humour, integrity, and wisdom. In his work life, he was dedicated to the community living movement. He was a gifted speaker and educator and with his passion could hold the attention of a full lecture hall. He had an excellent memory for facts, and he loved his music, knew all the lyrics. He had a flare for drawing, design, and architecture.

Mitch was born in Vancouver on November 8, 1949, to Ann and Arnold Loreth. He leaves behind his wife Judy of 47 years together, daughter Chelsea, and sons Tyson (Julia), Joey (Crystal), and his four beautiful grandchildren, Kate, Luke, Madison, Cooper; as well as brother Joel (Liz, Patricia, Christopher), and sister-brother-in-law Jill, Byron (Michael) and his extended family. He was a great friend, and loved his besties, you know who you are! Mitch celebrated life, he was an outside man – loved the beach, skiing, soccer, watching his Raiders, fishing, horses, travel, adventures, yard work, fixing things, and cleaning things, especially the kitchen at days end! But most of all, he celebrated and was present for us, his cherished wife, family, and friends.

Our family sends much thanks to his Doctors who took such dedicated care of Mitch. Donations to Inspire Health would be appreciated. https://inspirehealth.ca/donate/

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

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  • Linda Jorsvick

    I knew Mitch from 15 (I am now 72). We were friends when he was going to Burnaby South and lived in Burnaby! He was a very good friend to a young flighty girl! He married my best friend way before Judy and for a short period of time! He was a kind GREAT DANCER (the Grooveyard) as I thought I was in love with one of his friends! Samis Is married name.. Jorsvick maiden name. He was a great man with a lot of insight! We will all see him again! Sorry for your loss Judy.
    Had a good 47 yrs! Big Kiss Linda

  • Laurie Usher

    I am so sorry to hear of Mitch’s’ passing. I knew him on two fronts, as a fearless advocate for community services and as a devoted and passionate supporter of Joey and soccer. My sincere condolences to his family.

  • Keith Pennock

    Our family was saddened by the passing of this beautiful man but we rejoice in his positive impact on so many lives.

    Mitch was passionate and unwavering in his pursuit of equality and social and legal justice for individuals and families. He often remained invisible and anonymous in his role as a friend and advocate as he deeply believed the other was more important than the self.

    Mitch exemplified an intentionality of heartfelt support that went far beyond the traditional service delivery system. He clearly recognized the importance of establishing personal relationships as the foundation from which folks could move beyond the entrapment of service models to chosen lifestyles .

    Whenever I needed his advice and council, he was always available. Regardless of the seriousness of the situation, he would commence our dialogue with his penetrating smile and his favorite quote from the Eagles
    “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy.”
    Sound advice of which we rarely followed.

    Over the many years I hung out with Mitch, our best times together happened when the system failed. Alternatively we committed to forming personal support networks and shared our life (24/7 ) with folks in dire straights who found themselves living on the streets, homeless or in a referral nightmare of institutional lock downs. Mitch was a passionate leader in these situations and with heart, drive, and determination found pathways for upward movement to a better life for these folks.

    He touched my heart in many ways and I will always have fond memories of his riveting and powerful messages coming from a gentle and loving soul.

    Our condolences to Judy, Chelsea, Tyson and Joey. In all my involvement with Mitch, his love of family always came first .

  • Matija Juraj

    My deepest condolences to the Judy, Chelsea, Tyson, Joey and the extended family. When I moved to Victoria and met my father-in-laws friends, I immediately was drawn to Mitch. He was funny, smart, a great conversationalist and so positive. We shared eastern European heritage and we often spoke of our cultural experiences. Mitch left a mark on me and I always looked forward to the parties on Robertson or the wonderful dinners I attended your home on St. Francis Wood. Over time I unfortunately saw less of Mitch, but when I did bump into him (typically at Fairfield Plaza) he would embrace me, take the time to catch up and always wore that beautiful smile. I regret not having more opportunities to connect, but I know that Mitch has left a mark on me and he will be held in my memory for eternity. Rest in peace ‘brate’. To the family, the healing process will be a journey, I know you’ll all be there for one another to hold each other up when one is feeling down. You’re Husband, Father, Grandfather, Uncle, Brother and Friend is looking down on us all and waiting for us to join him one day. For now we have the memories and pictures and video’s to celebrate this man’s wonderful life.

  • Don and Marla Harrison

    Our condolences extended to all. We always enjoyed Mitch when we had the chance to be around him and know he will be missed dearly. He is in our hearts.

  • Maggie Vilvang

    Judy and the whole clan,
    Thank-you for sharing Mitch with all of us. I know that so much of the joy and wisdom he so generously shared with the world came from the strength and love of his family. To say I will miss him just isn’t enough. He meant the world to me, and I think he knew that. I want you to know that all the hours Mitch and I spent together were full of wonderful stories of you all. His children and now grandchildren were everything to him and Judy… in the words of Mitch Loreth with reference to you “I know I am punching way above my weight”. Your love story is one for the books.
    Love to you all.

  • Kim Lyster

    A lot of hearts broke when this news emerged, not the least and most importantly those of your family who were his dearest and continually bolstered the size and power of Mitch’s heart and energy in this world. Mitch and I reminisced earlier this year about how long we had known one another…and the shenanigans that were part of that history! Almost 40 years. He was a teacher, a mentor, a challenger when he felt I had lost the plot, and always a comrade in arms in the literal and figurative fight for the rights of folks who were marginalized and made invisible by systems, policies, and procedures. He was absolutely true to his values and helped others remain true to theirs. I send my deepest condolences to you Judy and your family. You cannot have too many people who love you (may have been a Mitchism) and this man had many who do and will continue to. Holding you all in my heart.

  • Jo Vella

    Mitch was simply a legend. A wonderful legacy he leaves behind.

  • Bruce Uditsky

    Judy, I was deeply saddened to learn of Mitch’s passing and wanted to express my most sincere condolences to you and your family., I have only the fondest memories of being a colleague and friend of Mitch’s. His gentle spirit, deep commitment and compassion for others was a gift that will be greatly missed. Bruce

  • Randi Mjolsness

    This is very sad news. Our heart goes out to you Judy, Chelsea, Tyson, Joe, and your families. Mitch was a force with such a big heart and commitment to justice. He was and will remain, an inspiration to all who had the privilege of knowing him. Such a loss, and one which will resonate for years to come. His influence is profound and will remain at the core of the many social justice movements he was passionate about.
    On a personal level, Mitch, you were just as extraordinary. You were one of those few individuals one meets in a lifetime who was in the world as you truly were — you were authentic. What you thought, you were happy and comfortable to speak. What you thought, you felt deeply about and shared freely. In conversation, you engaged us — listened attentively, valued us, had fun with us, gave us license to take a load off, to see the humour in things. Your inside Mitch was your outside Mitch. You were Mitch, one of a kind Mitch and one of the most charismatic, entertaining, deeply-thinking, beautifully-opinionated and coolest individuals we ever had the pleasure to befriend. How we shall miss you, dear friend.
    Our arms around you all! Randi Mjolsness and Peter Bruce.

  • Stephen Russell

    I was very sorry to hear this sad news, Judy. Mitch was a warrior, whether it was his ongoing health challenges or a variety of social causes that he held dear. He touched many lives during the course of his travels, and will be remembered fondly by many.

    My condolences to you and the family.

  • Doug Sjoquist

    Mitch and I were classmates and teammates at Burnaby South and I know he will be missed by all who knew him.. I will remember him as one of the good guys. Rest In Peace knowing you are loved.

  • Steve Housser

    Mitch was great fun to make wine with. He was always interesting, upbeat, energetic and a fanatic about cleaning up – hosing down and sweeping like a swirling
    dervish. A really hard worker and good guy. He was fiercely proud of his family.

  • Angela Clancy

    I was so saddened to hear of Mitch’s passing. I was graced with his friendship and honored to learn from him for the past 20 years at the Family Support Institute. Throughout our journey together Mitch taught me many lessons in humility, inclusion, taking pause to listen deeper, think differently from multiple perspectives, and always take time for humor. In every one of our interactions I can say we shared so many laughs, and I am ever grateful for that. I send my deepest condolences to his family, and extend my hand and heart.

  • Dana Brynelsen

    Mitch was the best. A wonderful advocate. It is many, many years since we worked together, but my memories of this great human are so strong. Sincere condolences to his family and close friends, there must be hundreds mourning his death. RIP Mitch.

  • Ryan Sutton

    My sincerest condolences to you Judy and your family

  • Richard J Stern

    Our sincerest condolences to you Judy and your family. Although our contact with Mitch was limited, he always displayed the greatest kindness, consideration and attention to both of us. Warmest love and sympathy Richard and Linda

  • John A McCann

    Hey Tyson,
    Kat and I are so sorry to hear of Mitch’s passing.
    He was a great guy and I am sure he will be missed.
    See you at the celebration of life.

  • Margaret Scaia

    Dear family and friends of Mitch. Although I only met Mitch a few times – from my friend Judy – I was always impressed with Mitch’s adventures in the Kootenays particularly Nelson. Although we didn’t know each other well – we had a lot in common in terms of Mitch’s outdoor loves. Judy made him come alive in her stories about her dear husband and friend. Clearly, they were best mates. I feel so sorry on behalf of all Mitch’s friends and family for this loss – a lovely, charming, talented and full of life man whom everyone will miss dearly….Margaret

  • Stuart soward

    He was a treasure within the Fairfield neighborhood and his ability to connect in a humorous and insightful way was truly a gift and part of his wisdom that many enjoyed. I so appreciated the time he spent with my son and Ross often referred to those special times.

  • Joan Southern

    It is with a heavy heart on hearing the news of Mitch passing that I send you my deepest condolences to you Judy and your family

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