In memory of Sergei Gibson, a person who embodied a life well-lived.

Sergei Gibson, a man who carved his own path through life, passed away on Friday, 29 March 2024. He was a masterful artisan, a lover of the outdoors, and a person who devoted his entire life to his family and friends. Sergei’s legacy is etched not only in the hearts and memories of his family, but in all of those who knew him.

Sergei’s talent as a photographer and carver was unparalleled. His photography ranged from providing parents with their child’s first school photo to capturing young couples’ happiest moments. With a chainsaw, he carved life-like eagles and bears that personified his greatness and love for the outdoors.

He was a great-grandfather, grandfather, father, and husband. He was an outdoorsman, an artist, a shoulder to lean on, and a collector of tales. His eyes sparkled when he was with family and friends sharing stories. Whether he was recounting an encounter with a moose or describing the pride he has for those he cares about, Sergei’s stories transported listeners.

His love for family and friends was unwavering. Sergei’s wife of 65 years, Joyce, stood by his side through every moment. Together they built a home for all those who needed one. They raised three children – Robert (Stephanie), Bruce (Karmen), and Steven. All of which have inherited their father and mother’s zest for life. In addition, they raised four grandchildren – Ryan, Kevin, Kaylee and Kodi and five great grandchildren.  All their laughter and banter echoed for decades across Prospect Lake, mingling with the sounds of eagles.

For anyone who knew him, Sergei was, indeed, the most interesting man in the world – a living legend where rumours intertwined with reality.

If you are from Victoria, you have most likely shared an impactful piece of your life with Sergei – a moment you may never forget. Each piece told a story. A story that we will all continue to share till we get to meet him again. Please, as you read this, feel free to keep Sergei’s memory burning bright and share one of your stories with someone you love.

As the sun dips below the horizon, casting long shadows on Sergei’s beloved carving shed, farm, and property, we bid farewell to this extraordinary human. May his memory be a beacon, guiding us toward the best in all of us. Sergei Gibson, the family man and friend, has carved his final masterpiece – a legacy etched in all of us.

In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to Hospice.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

McCall Gardens

  • Deborah Coffey

    My condolences to the family of Sergei Gibson. I only remember Sergei and his wife Joyce from a child’s perspective when he went moose hunting with my dad, Herb Kerr. I remember him posing behind a moose with large antlers in the yard of our farm property. My mom, M Ellen frequently spoke fondly of Sergei. I am Ellen’s 2nd daughter, Deborah.

  • David Gay

    I was saddened to learn of Sergeis passing. I remember him
    as a kind, nice man who was very good to my family.
    I would like to offer my condolences to Joyce, Rob,
    Bruce, Steve, and all of Sergeis extended family. May
    you all be blessed with peace.
    Kindest regards.
    David Gay.

  • Janice Horne

    I’m so sorry to hear of Sergie’s passing. I have been thinking of him over the last few months as I wade through old family photos many which include his father and grandfather. We shared a family history, my grandmother Janet (Gibson) Horne was his Aunt. I regret that our families were not closer as we all missed out on knowing a warm and wonderful man as evidenced by the condolences already offered. Sergei and I did see or run into each other several times throughout my much younger years but lost touch. And of course on school picture days we could whisper to our friends, thats my (great) Uncle Wilf and/or dad’s cousin Sergei. I would like to offer our condolences to Joyce and the Gibson family from the Hornes: Rob, Janice, Karen, Julie, Bonnie and Rocky.

  • Jim and Laura Nan

    Our Condolences to Joyce and the entire Gibson family. It was always a pleasure spending time with Sergei in his carving shed, appreciating his amazing talent. We shared many stories and laughs with him and Joyce during happy hour in their back yard, Rest in Peace Sergei.

  • The Marynaik's

    We were deeply saddened to hear of Sergei’s passing. His remarkable life left an indelible mark on all who had the privilege of knowing him. We are honoured to be part of his family through marriage and treasure getting the opportunity to watch with him as our children created a life and family together.

    Joyce, your unwavering support and love for Sergei were evident throughout your 65 years together. You both built a home not only for yourselves but for our family as well. We are so appreciative that Stephanie and us got to be a part of you and Sergei’s shared journey, where countless cherished memories were created.

    Sergei will forever be in our hearts and he will be greatly missed.

    With love,

    Christine, Paul, and Paul Marynaik.

  • Ken and Erika Pleasance

    Farewell, our good friend, Sergei, a unique individual indeed. We are honoured to have had you as our friend for 60 odd years and were even more honoured to have you stand in as our Best Man, with Joyce as our Matron-of-Honour, at our wedding over 60 years ago. Even prior to that, we remember you as the guy, who with his father, Wilf, showed up once a year at most of the schools on Vancouver Island to take our classroom pictures. Your hunting and carving skills with your chainsaw were remarkable and your friendship was solid and true. You enriched our lives immensely with your faithful presence. We wish his family our sincerest sympathy with your passing. Kindest regards, Ken and Erika Pleasance

  • Richard Gurney

    The Gurney Family send their love and deepest condolences to Joyce and the Gibson Family. Our parents, George and Jo-Ann, truly cherished their friendship with Sergei and Joyce. Sergei was always so kind and thoughtful and I thank him for his generosity and friendship.
    Richard and Marlene

  • Scott Jackson

    What a wonderful man! I was blessed to have met Sergei, he did all my butchering for years and the stories we shared will be with me forever, I had multiple trips to the carving shed and the car museum, I could have spent weeks in there and still not have seen every piece lol such an incredible talent he had, he was always willing to show me all of his treasures and talk about every animal rack and the story behind it, I loved every one! the years I was unable to get my moose i would buy a half cow he raised on the farm, by far the best meat I have ever had the pleasure of eating, never a harsh word from him and always a smile on his face and a story or joke to tell, he was for me one of the nicest people I have ever known, growing up in Victoria I know he or his dad would have been the person that took all of my school pictures, endless talent! so sad to know he has passed but so grateful to have know the wonderful person he was! all the very best Rob and family, hope to stop by the farm one of these days and tell stories.

  • Sharon LeClair

    In 1979 I went to Gibson’s Studio for work experience
    I worked for several weeks with Sergei and Joyce
    I loved the way I was welcomed into their family business and their lives
    A few months later I was offered a summer job which turned into a 25 year career as a B/W and color printer
    My 25 year career turned into a 44 year (and counting) friendship.
    I have enormous respect and love for The Gibson Family.
    Sergei was hard working, fun loving, and a very special person.
    He lived his life with gusto.

    Sending love and support to Joyce, Rob, Stephanie, Bruce, Karmen, Steven, and their families.

    -Sharon ,Gina, Jesse, and Amy LeClair

  • Michael Gibson

    I am Sergei’s uncle although he was a year older than me. We grew up from early childhood like brothers. He lived not too far from me in Colwood and we played together often. The family moved before I went to high school but we met up again when we both got motorcycles and started dating girls, whom we each married. We each built our own homes, him at Prospect Lake and me in Colwood. We each began raising a family and would visit each other during these times. Sergei and Joyce would always make us feel welcome. These times I will always remember. I will surely miss Sergei

  • The Glatts

    Our deepest sympathies and warm thoughts are with you during this difficult time. May the legacy Sergei began for your family be continued on through you all.

    With love, your neighbours,
    Kora Liegh, William, Robin, and Isaac Glatt

  • Angel Sampson

    My name is Angel and I am an Indian day school survivor. Sergei was the photographer who did class photos for the Tsartlip Indian day school. He tried to make us smile, but I think he knew what we were going through at this institution. He was so kind and friendly to all of us. I have never forgot this gentle man. It was nice meeting him years later when I became a grandparent. The world has lost a great human being. He will hold a special place in my memories. Big strong hugs to all of you who loved him.

  • George janak

    So many great memories in my youth with this this amazing family
    Sergei well truly be missed

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