With great sadness we announce the death and loss of Steve. Steve passed away in the loving arms of his wife, Tamara, and he is remembered by her children Keith and Felicia. Steve leaves behind his sister Denyse Parizeau (Mike) and his niece Song Fei. Steve was a creative, and intelligent person who felt things deeply and spent much of his adult life reflecting on issues that either interested or concerned him. As a toddler, he loved music and music was his greatest passion and gift throughout his life. He loved playing keyboard and piano with the Friends of Music for many years. He loved composing and playing music individually and with other musicians. I will miss our Christmas music jam sessions and I wish you peace Steve, (Denyse). You were, and are very loved. A celebration of Steve’s life will be held in early 2023. Announcement of the service will be published in the Times Colonist.

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  • Diana Lucas

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    I am saddened to hear of Steve’s passing. My heart goes out to Tamara, Denyse, and family. Sending hugs and condolences. Memory remains part of the heart forever . . .

    Steve was a good neighbour and friend. He was kind and generous and contributed much to life, enjoyment and surroundings at the condo building where we both lived on the third floor – Royal Woods Ascot House. He was a longstanding member of the Gardening (Landscaping) Committee (comprised of me, Joe, Bob, Graham, Jay), where he would contribute his time, hard work, sweat, creativity and beauty to all the extensive and lovely gardens surrounding Royal Woods. The results were a delight to residents and visitors. His major achievement annually was volunteer work to the center-piece boulevard garden by helping plant hundreds of tulip and/or daffodil bulbs in the Fall, that bloomed to a beautiful Spring show of colour. It brough smiles to everyone’s face and folks would take photos of the flowers. In later years, he would do all this work single handedly and often pay for the bulbs, bonemeal and soil improver by himself. Then after the blooms, he would dig up all the bulbs, dry them on his balcony floor then sort and bag them for the next Fall planting. It was quite a production that he took to heart. He enjoyed contributing and/or hosting the weekly Gardening Committee meetings with humour and side talk as he was always up on current affairs and gave editorials on his take on the latest news or sports. He called the committee “The Great Shining Fleet” and wrote up some great stories with his vivid imagination on how we could turn it into a sitcom, reality TV or something.

    Steve was always curious and an avid reader of books (mostly non-fiction) and always had a stack waiting to read, and then share with others. His major interest was music and he was quite accomplished both playing all sorts of genres – from classical to classic rock – and writing original music. He would call me over all excited with something newly written or accomplished and play a mini-concert for me and/or committee members to enjoy. It was priceless. For many years he volunteered with the Friends of Music Society (offering musical opportunities to persons recovering from mental illness). He also volunteered for several years on the Royal Woods Ascot Christmas Decorating Committee. He was reliable – every year helping bring down he artificial trees, and boxes of decorations from the 4th floor to the lobby, and helping with all the decorations. We often didn’t get enough volunteers but that didn’t phase Steve, he would spend the evening helping get it all done and take pride in the final Xmas makeover (and even the takedown). Later years, I understand he kept the decorating up by himself or with his neighbour Janet. Once that was done, it was time to plan the annual Royal Woods Holiday Potluck and Singalong. I would leave the music program and band formation to him as he loved this segment of the evening and took it on with a passion. I hosted the potluck in the Games Room with help from other committee members and resident’s contributions of lovely food options. Residents were then treated to a traditional Christmas singalong in the lounge (with song sheets provided by Steve), backed by Steve’s keyboards and the rest of his band of friends. Some memorable music programs included new residents saying how touching it was to join in the singalong; professional sounding back-up singers; dancing afterwards; Steve stepping aside to let other neighbours to showcase their music talents (Shane) and then the times Steve let loose and closed the night playing keyboards belting out Led Zeppelin tunes. He even held a couple summer concerts on the front lawns for residents to enjoy. He told me he graduated from the Julliard School of Music and I never doubted it – he was a super talented writer and musician.

    He was always insightful in that he gave good advice and support to me in tough times, and gave some great written opinion pieces, often a bit edgy, and sometimes he was just ahead of everyone in his forward thinking. He thought the world of Tamara and called her his soulmate, his angel. Always telling me how wonderful, patient, loving and caring she was. He could be “wild” or unpredictable at times, but we always said, “that’s Stevie for you, never a dull moment”. He had a good work ethic and desire to please others and make folks happy. He did all this volunteer work alongside managing a landscaping business as the sole proprietor and landscaper to clients all around Saanich and outskirts. As he would sign off on his innumerous notes to me, the last one I happened to save: “And that’s about all there is to say. Be Well – Stevie. Remember – the Shining Fleet – “.

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