After a valiant battle with first chronic illness and then cancer, Tim died in his home with his wife at his side. He leaves his loving wife Deborah George, stepson Geoff and his partner Christine and daughter Zoe; and beloved sister Penny Lindsay in Vancouver with nieces Kelly and Timmi, and great-nephew Joe.

He also leaves Deborah’s nieces and nephews and their families who embraced him as he embraced, loved and worried about them. Uncle Tim was legendary for the stories that emerged around the dinner table. As one young family member put it “he could pose something so resolute with such structure and wit, it was a joy to be enlightened in those moments!” a true raconteur.

Dogs were a part of Tim’s life since childhood and he also leaves Charlie, who sat patiently by his bed throughout caregiving.

Born in Vancouver, Tim had fond memories of growing up in the University Endowment Lands with his adored big sister. He was a man of formidable intelligence, and a voracious reader of non-fiction, but mildly dyslexic despite which he was once accused of cheating at UBC because of an almost photographic memory. His time at UBC was legendary as he and his friends were the 1968 UBC Human Government slate, “a bunch of hippies” that ran against the engineers’ slate and to their surprise won. Suddenly they had offices, a budget, and secretaries and so they quickly inhabited the boardroom with pizza and beer and said “now what?” Tim was assigned responsibility for events so set about bringing in speakers like Jerry Rubin (who led Tim and many others to occupy the then Faculty Club) and Moshe Dayan, and acts like Boz Scaggs and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee. He loved music, especially the blues, the more obscure the performer the better. He once tracked down T-Model Ford to his home in Mississippi by phone to tell him how much he appreciated his music. The family will remember him as we play his eclectic collection of vinyl.

Tim completed law school at UBC but quickly realized that life in a law office was not for him so continued his sideline of investing in real estate until he fell in love with a house in Victoria (which was to remain his home for over 40 years) that was almost beyond his grasp. So, how to buy that and then support himself? He saw a small private island advertised for sale, scraped together financing and the rest was history. He researched and reinvented himself as a Gulf Islands expert buying, owning and then selling private islands for years and in later life served as a resource for realtors in the business.

He was an incredible “student” and a true collector from a young age. No matter what the interest area, before immersing himself in new collecting endeavours, he never took the easy route, but always became proficient before diving in. Provenance was often more important than appearance. He was passionate about his interests and forged lasting international friendships based on those interests.

He did not suffer fools gladly, in fact not at all, but if you were a real, true and honest person his loyalty was unwavering. He had friends from all walks of life and many such wonderful friends from his youth. For a man who loved nothing more than a fine dinner with interesting friends (involving some sort of beef, a good red wine, and cognac to finish) the inability to socialize over the last five years was a hard one.

Tim will be remembered for his quick and often sharp wit, vast intelligence, curiosity, thoughtful kindness, loyalty to good friends and sometimes mischievous ways. As many have said, he was unique, we think they meant eccentric.

“I have had a very good run and got to live on my own terms”

Tim received care from so many gifted and caring professionals but in particular the family would like to thank Dr. Andrew Singh and Amanda, the team at BC Cancer Agency Victoria especially Dr. Kevin Wade, the community health nurses, nurse Wilma Loberg, our community respiratory therapist Kelly Vassiliadis, and the truly wonderful members of Victoria Hospice PRT.

In lieu of flowers, should you wish to make a donation Tim requested the BC Cancer Agency Victoria, Victoria Hospice or the SPCA. A Celebration of Life is being planned for a later date.

Condolences may be offered to the family below.

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  • Shell

    My deepest condolences to Deborah, family and friends You were and will always be the kindest soul.

  • Imogen Burr

    Sending my deepest condolences to Deborah and family.

    Growing up I remember the stories, now legends, my father shared with me about Tim and friends.
    I’ll never forget Tim telling me about the time he had a phone call from Jimi Hendrix!
    Tim truly was an amazing man with a zest for life I will always admire.

    Imogen Burr

  • Avril and Bob

    Tim, you’ve been missed for a good long while as you’ve struggled through your illnesses… and you’ll be missed for years to come. Whether “eclectic” or “eccentric” best describe your character, you were always your own man and comfortable in your skin. I’ll surely raise more than one dram of a good Islay single malt in your memory. Slainte!
    Deborah, our sincere condolences to you and the rest of the family. And many thanks for sharing this loving, heartfelt and comprehensive tribute. Well done!

  • Jim Else

    I will forever be grateful for my Aunt Deb for bring Uncle Tim into my families life. He was a de facto Grandfather to our children, a completely acceptable quasi replacement for my father to me and a gentle , trusted and kind friend to my wife.
    When I think of Tim, I see a regal man, drink and cigarette in hand with a wry smile on his face. I will think of him fondly and miss him until the end of my own days.

  • Glen Myles

    Farewell my friend, I truly will miss those phone calls, that quirky sense of Humour, neighbourhood Gossip, always on the leading edge of information on Friends, family and “others”. you were always insightful, and always had a different interpretation. We will Golf on the other side, and heck, you won’t even have to “Tee Off on the first hole if you choose not to!!

  • Dominique Chapheau

    Debrah and family, please accept our sincerest condolences. But Tim would not want us to cry, and he would want us to tell stories, about his corky sense of humour. Tim and I shared the passion about good wines.
    When I had my business Ambrosia catering, one afternoon, the courier came by with a small box, addressed to me. When I opened it inside was a bottle of PETRUS, empty mind you, with a sticky note attached to it, it read (Tried to call you, but the line was busy!!!) That was Tim. RIP my friend, we will miss you.

  • Donna Thomas

    Tim once told me his only real job was calling to remind me when garbage day was. I so looked forward to these calls because of course they weren’t about putting out my garbage but more about his incredible wit and intelligence. For someone who did not leave his house often, he always knew what was going on in Victoria. My other important connection with Tim & Deborah was Maggie (the dog). Soon after the day I was made godmother to Maggie, I received a note from Tim, requesting to be executor of my will, so Maggie’s interests could be taken care! Reflecting on Tim’s passing has made me realize what a perfect match Tim & Deborah were. Deborah’s kindness shone through again with the care she gave Tim over the few years. Love Donna

  • Linda Duivenvoorden

    I’m so sorry for your loss Deborah. It was a long and courageous battle and my heart weeps for you. I didn’t know Tim for long, but he made an impression and after reading his obituary, I have a greater appreciation for who he was. Thank you for the gift of his story.
    My deepest condolences to you and your family.

  • Terry leBlanc

    Honestly, the most profound and true tribute I have ever read.

    Thank you Deborah for reminding us what an interesting and fine character

    Tim was and will be in our hearts and minds forever

    I regret not spending much time during his illness years. So I remember him

    as a man who – enjoyed music , fine wining and dining with smartish

    (no fools allowed) guests – good smokes (outside) of course, and his

    Fantastic Deborah.

    So I will say I feel honoured to have know such a unique , kind and wonderful Man

    Thank you world for his existence

    good smokes (outside)

  • DH

    Tim was like an Uncle to me. He was a warm, kind, intelligent, humorous, private and light hearted man who “lit” up the space when he walked in. He will be sorrowfully missed. Cheers to a special friend. Sincere condolences to Deborah and family.

  • Shirley and Rob Hunter

    We loved Tim- his nonsense, his cleverness and his quick wit. The world is the poorer at his leaving.
    Rob and Shirley Hunter

  • Chris Dahl

    See you on the other side Tim …

  • Bob and Rosemary

    Deb, Tim’s obituary describes the essence of Tim like only someone who knows and loves him profoundly, could. What a beautiful tribute!
    We will always treasure our memories of Tim and all his quirkiness. Surely, the luckiest day in Tim’s life is the day he married you!
    We hope you have the good, long rest you deserve.
    Much love,

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