Victor Ta-Te, 81, passed away unexpectedly but peacefully on October 12, 2021 surrounded by family. Victor Ta-Te Peng was born in Shanxi (山西), China to Peng Kung-I and Peng Zhao Shao Shia. He grew up with his older sister Joanna and 3 younger brothers Joseph, James and Bill. When he was 10, his family moved to Taiwan where he graduated from Taiwan Tech (NTUST) with a degree in mining. He worked at a mining company and also at the Taipei School for the Blind and Deaf. In 1965 he received a scholarship from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland to study chemistry.

His future wife Penny Yu-Hua graduated from university in 1969 and joined him in Switzerland. In March of that year, they were married in Munich, Germany, then immigrated to Canada in April and settled in Edmonton, Alberta where he worked in a hospital lab. In 1980, Victor moved to Victoria with his wife, 2 sons and his parents who had retired and also immigrated to Canada. Once in Victoria, he decided to quit working in the lab and become an entrepreneur.

Together with his wife Penny, they operated a number of successful businesses until retiring in 2008. Victor loved to travel, a passion that began with his first trip back to China in 1985 to visit relatives. Since that trip, he took several vacations and cruises around the world. On his last trip, he stayed in Chengdu and visited the 3 Gorges Dam with the help of his friends who wheeled him around. Victor is survived by his wife Penny Yu-Hua, sons Gordon and James, daughter-in-law Andrea (wife of James), and grand-children Gerry and Justin.

A private funeral service with family in attendance will be held in the Sequoia Centre at McCall Gardens, 4665 Falaise Drive, on Thursday, October 21, 2021 at 11:00am. All others are welcome to attend virtually via the following Zoom Link…

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McCall Gardens


生于 1940 年 5 月 20。于 2021 年 10 月 12 日晚上八時卅分安息主怀。 出生于中國陝西省南鄭市,十歲就隨父遷居台灣。畢業於台北工專,主修礦冶系。1965 年 獲得瑞士佛瑞堡大學的獎學金,他隨即前往,並在大學教授化學。 1969 年二月,玉華大學畢業後赴瑞士與大德團聚,並於同年三月在慕尼黑結婚。同年四月, 他們移民到亞省愛民頓定居,大德在當地醫院工作。長子在 1970 年出生,次子在 1972 年出 生,他們一家四口,生活得很美滿。1976 年,把退休的雙親從台灣申請來加團聚,後因喜 愛域多利的氣候,一家人移居於此。 來到域多利,大德決定改行,自己經商,先後經營過四間汽車旅館,到 2008 年才退休。 大德熱愛旅行,緣因 1985 年他首次回台灣探親。自此他遍遊中國的名勝,黃山、杭州、蘇 州、上海、北京、長白山、絲綢之路、江南、長江三峽、成都等,不一而足。陪伴他的, 除了家人,還有好友藍有青夫婦,並許志帆夫婦。 2016 年五月的一個下午,大德在家附近散步時不慎跌倒,送院診斷後,證實他患了柏金遜 病。治療的藥物,為大德帶來便祕的副作用。幸得許志帆夫婦及吳明哲姊妹從台灣及日本 帶回藥物解困。 2021 年十月十二日零晨 3:30,大德在臥房中跌倒,救護員查詢一切都好,7:30 漱洗時也無 礙,但就是無法把藥吞服。致電醫生,他午後四時來到後,建議立刻送往急診。五時抵達 醫院,證實他大腦出血,到八時開始,大德失了知覺,安靜無痛的安息主懷。

  • Brandon Cheng

    I am so sorry for your loss.

  • Lisa Henderson

    Sending you and your family heartfelt condolences on the loss of Victor.

    Love is eternal!

    Lisa and Bob Henderson

  • Johanna and Paul Liu, Christine and Lisa

    We are so very sorry at the loss of such a wonderful person. We are keeping you in our prayers. With heartfelt sympathy and love,
    Johanna and Paul Liu, Christine and Lisa

  • Matthew Takoski

    Victor what a beautiful life you shared together with Penny. The first time I met you both I saw something very special in life that inspired me to be just like you: gentle caring thoughtful and loving of others. My thoughts and prayers are with you forever and always.

  • Nick Coates & family

    Very sorry to hear of Victors passing. Please accept our condolences and know you are in our thoughts.

  • Daniel Poon & Yao Nie

    Our deepest condolences to your family.
    You are in our prayers.

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